Tech Sightings, April 10, 2014

Posted April 10th, 2014 at 2:25 pm (UTC-4)
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Facebook to Pull Messages from App

With the acquisition of WhatsApp, Facebook will soon begin pulling chat messages out of its primary apps in hopes of “…help[ing] connect everyone in the world.”

Why You Should Treat Customer Care Like it’s Your Core Product

With the click of a finger, consumers seemingly have unlimited control to identify their favorite (or least favorite) brands on social media platforms. Many brands now look at platforms like Twitter and Facebook as the true barometer of the health and effectiveness of their customer support systems.

A German Company is Printing Food for the Elderly

A German company, Biozoon, is working on a 3D-printed food extruder-based printer that will allow some elderly patients the ability to eat without choking – the food literally melts in the mouth.

Why Dropbox and Box are Expanding Beyond Straight-up Cloud Storage

As competition becomes more fierce, Dropbox and Box are diversifying – announcing new apps and services. The hope is that users will consider more than just the price tag when picking a cloud storage service.

Behold JuggaloCoin, a Bitcoin-like currency just for Juggalo

It’s a miracle. The birth of JuggaloCoin, a virtual currency strictly for Juggalos — the counterculture devoted to the Insane Clown Posse rap group. The cryptocurrency launches Wednesday, and should appeal to those looking to “buy Juggalo necessities, like clown makeup, stick meat, Faygo, and HatchetGear.” CNET says it’s unclear if JuggaloCoin is actually real or a spoof.  But if it is legit, it might not be that absurd of an idea — considering how many Juggalos there are around the world.

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