Tech Sightings, April 29, 2014

Posted April 29th, 2014 at 2:00 pm (UTC-4)
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New Restrictions From China Cause Bitcoin’s Price to Drop Again

The People’s Bank of China reportedly warned financial institutions to restrict access to bitcoin exchanges. Following the news, yesterday’s international bitcoin price dropped by around $40 in a few hours.

Future Agricultures, University of Sussex Launch Online African Farmer Game

African Farmer is a free, open source online game that simulates the decisions and uncertainties faced by small-scale farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa. The game challenges players to manage a farming household in a village and presents them with a variety of tasks, from determining food prices, diets and work, to dealing with weather events and disease.

Graphene Super Substance Could Replace Silicon, Plastic, Glass

The thinnest substance known to science, Graphene, is 300 times stronger than steel and harder than a diamond. It is transparent, flexible, an excellent conductor of heat and electricity, and could well replace silicon, plastic, and glass in some applications.

Meet Twitter’s Mr. Fix-It: Ali Rowghani

Twitter’s 41-year-old CEO Ali Rowghani, who has had a hand in almost every major business initiative since he joined four years ago, now has to convince the masses that they need to join Twitter.

F-Secure Says 99 Percent of New Mobile Malware Targets Android, But Don’t Worry Too Much

Android malware threats keep rising, says F-Secure, although they are still fewer than what PCs get. The company found 275 new threat variations for Android, compared to one for iOS and Symbian respectively between January 1- March 31.

Nokia Appoints Suri as CEO, Plans to Spend Billions of Microsoft Cash

Rajeev Suri, Nokia’s newly-appointed president and CEO, is expected to take on his new position on May 1.  After closing the sale of its devices and services unit to Microsoft, Nokia now plans to use some of the cash on hand to slash debt and repurchase next year’s shares.

Nod aims to Be One Bluetooth Device to Rule Them All

Nod, coming this year, is a wireless Bluetooth ring that sits on the forefinger. It aims to add gestural controls to various platforms, from computers to Google Glass to smart appliances.

New Mexico Dig Uncovers ‘E.T.’ Video Games Buried After 1980s Flop

Filmmakers digging in New Mexico have found hundreds of “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” cartridges in a landfill. Atari’s game is generally seen as the worst video game ever made and a contributor to the downfall of the 1980s video game industry. There is speculation that thousands or even millions of Atari cartridges were buried southeast of Albuquerque.

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