Tech Sightings, May 21, 2014

Posted May 21st, 2014 at 2:00 pm (UTC-4)
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In Thailand, Martial Law Is a Backdrop for Selfies

Waking up to Thailand’s new martial law reality, many people scrambled to take pictures of themselves with soldiers against the backdrop of the most recent of at least 18 military coups the country has seen since 1982.

Facebook to Launch ‘I’m a Voter’ Feature Worldwide After India Election Success

Following the success of Facebook’s “I am a voter’ feature in India’s recent elections, where more than a million voters clicked the button, the company now plans to make it available to users in the EU, Colombia, South Korea, Indonesia, New Zealand and Brazil.

Google, Amazon, Facebook Want to Control Your Internet

As technology finds new ways to connect the world to the Internet, it also provides companies with new avenues to promote and sell their products and sufficient grounds for tech giants to position themselves to gain the upper hand in the future of connectivity.

Nineteen Ways the Internet of Things Changes Everything

Odds are, by 2025, just about everything will be connected to the Internet, opening a world of possibilities in healthcare and other sectors. While that raises a lot of privacy red flags, a recent Pew Research Center report shows that most of the 1,500-plus experts it polled see the trend as beneficial in the long-term.

Mumbai Eatery Delivers Pizza Using a Drone

It was bound to happen! In the first aerial delivery of its kind in India, Francesco’s Pizzeria  successfully ran a test delivery to a customer from its outlet in central Mumbai’s Lower Parel area. An auto engineer helped make the flight possible.

Inside the Lucrative World of Professional Gaming

Gaming might be seen by some as a pastime for geeks and slackers, but professional gaming is a huge business, drawing thousands of spectators to its events. And beginning next month, ESPN’s X Games will include e-sports, putting gaming closer to becoming a mainstream sport.

Aida Akl
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