Tech Sightings, July 1, 2014

Posted July 1st, 2014 at 2:00 pm (UTC-4)
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AP Using Robots To Write Earnings Reports

Can they do that? AP says it has started using “automation technology” or robots to write quarterly earnings summaries for about 4,400 companies. Normally, AP reports on earnings reports from about 300 companies.

A New Map of Palm Oil Plantations Could Help Save Rainforests

Malysian and Indonesian rainforests are paying the price for the high demand for palm oil. To get a closer look at the problem, conservationists and palm oil industry group Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil came together to create a map that shows more clearly the palm oil supply chain.

Iraq Lifts Social Media Ban, Some Websites Still Blocked

Iraq has lifted a 17-day ban on social media meant to disrupt the communications of ISIL armed militants. But some websites are still shuttered.

Ukrainians Turn to Crowdfunding for Border Surveillance Drone

Following the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s call for help, a group of Ukrainians launched a website to fund the construction of 10 drones to help patrol the border with Russia.

Law Experts: Facebook Playing Your Feelings Legal But ‘Creepy’

Despite users’ anger over Facebook’s News Feeds “creepy” experiment, which was intended to gauge their emotions, law experts say the company probably did not violate privacy laws.

Microsoft’s Cortana Adds World Cup Predictions

You might not like the result, but Microsoft’s digital assistant, Cortana, is making some predictions about the World Cup. Cortana predicts the United States will not advance further. One Microsoft executive says Coratana has been right every time. We’ll see.

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