Tech Sightings, July 16, 2014

Posted July 16th, 2014 at 2:02 pm (UTC-4)
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South Korea to Create 10-year 3D Printing Roadmap

South Korea’s government has asked its Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy to research the feasibility of a 10-year plan to develop 3D printing into a growth market and transform manufacturing.

Hi-Tech System Brings Quick Storm Warnings to Africa

Situated on the western African coast, Guinea is exposed to severe storms and flash floods, some of which have disrupted the lives of thousands of people across 12 countries in past years. Now, the country boasts Africa’s first lightning-sensor warning system, the brain child of U.S.-based company, Earth Networks.

Novartis, Google to Develop ‘Smart’ Contact Lens

Google and Swiss drug maker Novartis have reached a deal to develop a contact lens that helps diabetics track blood glucose levels. The lens, embedded with electronics, then sends the information wirelessly to a mobile device.

Adobe, Google Debut Open-Source Typeface Family Spanning Chinese, Japanese,  Korean

Adobe and Google are releasing a new set of Asian OpenType fonts that span the Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages. Adobe’s font, Source Han Sans, is part of the company’s Pan-CJK typeface family. Google is releasing its own version of the font, called Noto Sans CJK, as part of a plan to build its Noto Pan-Unicode font family.

Former Dictator Manuel Noriega Sues Call of Duty Creator

Panama’s former dictator Manuel Noriega is suing Activision for using his likeness in 2012 for the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 without his consent.

Google Reverses ‘Real Names’ Policy, Apologizes

Backing away from a policy created and enforced three years ago, Google has reversed restrictions requiring real names and is now allowing users to use any name they want to register with Google services.

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