Tech Sightings, July 23, 2014

Posted July 23rd, 2014 at 2:01 pm (UTC-4)
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Why Africa Needs Maker Faire

Maker Faire, an international celebration of hardware hacking, is making its way to South Africa in September. Organizers are looking to focus on African makers and inventors and are actively seeking them out to encourage them to attend.

Building a Generation of Women Scientists in Africa

An educational program initiated in 2001 in Cameroon by the Rubistadt Foundation is ready to release the vanguard of a new generation of women scientists into society. The initiative started following what was seen as apathy among girls towards science and technology education in Cameroon.

Women in the Game Industry Subjected to Daily Harassment

If you enjoy computer games, you need to read this opinion piece from a female game developer who has received all kinds of threats for doing what she loves.

International ESports Tournament Aims to Put Disabled Gamers on the Map

Coming in October, the IeSF 2014 World Championships hosted by South Korea at Seungshin Women’s University will feature more that 200 gamers with disabilities from 12 countries.

A Computerized Exoskeleton That Could Help Millions of People Walk Again

Exoskeletons are making it possible for some paraplegic patients to get up and walk. And while the number of patients who have been able to do that remains small, the health benefits from being able to move again are incalculable.

Tor Developers Vow to Fix Bug that Can Uncloak Users

Tor privacy service says it is close to fixing a vulnerability that makes it possible to deanonymize users. The update in development targets relay nodes and will effectively plug the security hole.

What ‘One Windows’ Really Means (and Doesn’t)

One Windows to rule them all? Not so fast. Microsoft is streamlining Windows across devices, but multiple versions of the Windows operating system will continue to exist.

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