Tech Sightings, August 6, 2014

Posted August 6th, 2014 at 2:14 pm (UTC-4)
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One-Size-Fits-All Textbooks Don’t Make Sense in the Digital Age

A non-profit group based at Rice University is developing a new approach to learning. In the next two years, OpenStax will produce personalized interactive books that better match individual learning aptitudes.

The Inspiration for ‘The Bionic Man’ Shares His Thoughts on the Future of Bionics

Bertolt Meyer, who was born without a lower left arm, started wearing prosthetics when he was only three months old. Now equipped with a high-tech bionic arm, Meyer talks about how technology is changing perceptions of disability.

12% of Gamers Hallucinate Sound Effects After They Stop Playing

More than 1,200 people surveyed through online gaming forums say they experienced hallucination-like thoughts and behaviors after gaming. Psychology researchers who conducted the study found that 12% of the group reported hearing imaginary sounds after playing video games.

Russian Gang Amasses Over a Billion Internet Passwords

Hold Security, a Milwaukee firm, has discovered that a Russian crime ring has amassed a horde of stolen Internet credentials that include up to 1.2 billion user name and password combinations and more than 500 million email addresses.

China Said to Exclude Apple From Procurement List

According to officials who asked not to be identified, Beijing has excluded Apple’s iPads and MacBook laptops from products that can be bought with public money due to security concerns. The iPad, iPad Mini, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are all on the final government procurement list that was distributed in July.

China Anti-trust Regulator Conducts New Raids on Microsoft, Accenture

In an ongoing anti-trust probe involving Western technology firms, China’s State Administration for Industry and Commerce revisited the offices of Microsoft and its partner Accenture PLC in Beijing, Liaoning, Fujian and Hubei. Officials say Microsoft has been suspected of violating China’s anti-monopoly law since last year.

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