Tech Sightings, August 21, 2014

Posted August 21st, 2014 at 2:00 pm (UTC-4)
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Two Contracts Dispute Whether 18-Year-Old Zuckerberg Sold Half of Facebook to Scammer

Criminal proceedings into Facebook ownership are focused on the legitimacy of a contract between an 18-year-old Mark Zuckerberg and a New York man who is facing charges of criminal fraud. The document, which is either forged and de facto useless, or worth billions of dollars, supposedly promises ownership of half of Facebook to the convicted scammer.

Social Media Pushes Back at Militant Propaganda

Islamic State extremists seeking to turn social media into a global theater of horror are now meeting resistance from disgusted companies and users determined to block objectionable content and to prevent it from going viral.

Hoverbike Hopes to Take Aviation to New Level

Presenting what might prove to be a new paradigm for aerial vehicles, UK-based Malloy Aeronautics has come up with a model for a quadcopter that can carry a heavier load and could outmaneuver a helicopter.

The Invisible Chair That You Can Wear

A Zurich-based startup has come up with an idea to help factory employees working long shifts without breaks to get a helping hand. The result is called the Chairless Chair – a gadget worn like an exoskeleton that straps to the legs and can be activated with the press of a button.

Apple Ordered To Pull Secret App From Store

A Brazilian court has warned Apple that it will pay a hefty fine if it does not remove the controversial app, Secret, from its app store.  The app, which was designed to share gossip anonymously among friends, has been abused for bullying and libel purposes. Apple has 10 days to comply.

Opera’s Mini Browser to be Installed on Microsoft Phones

A deal between Microsoft’s Nokia mobile phone unit and Norwegian software maker Opera will give Opera Nokia’s browser-building unit and will make Opera the default browser for feature phones and Asha phones.

Aida Akl
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