Tech Sightings, August 27, 2014

Posted August 27th, 2014 at 2:56 pm (UTC-5)
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Google to Launch Campus for Asian Startups in Seoul

Google for Entrepreneurs is creating Asia’s first Google Campus in Seoul, where it will serve as a space for startups and entrepreneurs to host events and network.

How Crowdfunding is Helping Female Technologists Break the Glass Ceiling

A study by New York University’s Jason Greenberg and University of Pennsylvania’s Ethan Mollick says women were behind about 65% of Kickstarter’s successful projects, thanks to support from women activists and backers cheering them on.

Intel Creates World’s Smallest 3G Modem

Slightly larger than a one cent coin, Intel’s XMM 6255 is a modem, power amplifier and transceiver all in one. The new device is intended for use in smartphones, tablets and Internet of Things devices.

Hands-Free Text Messaging Keeps Drivers Focused on the Road

Texting while driving is a danger to the absorbed driver and others around him/her. But automaker Nissan has come up with a Hands-Free Text Messaging Assistant that lets drivers use voice commands to text without losing sight of the road.

Statistics Losing Ground to Computer Science

The American Statistical Association (ASA) and academicians are worried that the field of Statistics might be going the way of the dinosaurs, given the appeal of Computer Science and other fields of study. The ASA has been so concerned that it has hired a PR firm to promote the discipline.

Spermania: The West Bank’s Latest Video Game

Yes, it is a game about the adventures of a sperm put together by a Palestinian game development studio, PinchPoint Inc. The game, which is suited for mobile, is the studio’s debut in a turbulent part of the world that is often not conducive to business ventures.

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