Tech Sightings, September 25, 2014

Posted September 25th, 2014 at 2:09 pm (UTC-4)
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The Man on a Quest to Open-Source Cancer Research

His name is Isaac Yonemoto. He is a chemist; and he is experimenting with open source software to make cancer research available to the world. The goal of his patent-free project, funded by the bitcoin cryptocurrency, aims to revive work on an anti-cancer compound called  9-deoxysibiromycin, or 9-DS.

HopeCam Helps Leukemia Patients Fight Loneliness with Skype

A father who watched his nine-year old son use video calling to counter the loneliness resulting from his treatment for Leukemia founded HopeCam. Using Skype’s video calling options, HopeCam provides kids undergoing cancer treatment with Skype-enabled tablets to help them reach out to their friends as they battle the disease.

You Want Synthetic Fries with That 3D-Printed Burger?

New-York based startup Modern Meadow sees 3D-printed meat in your future. The company says printing meat involves growing cell samples from a living cow in a nutrient-rich substrate for weeks, then layering meat and connective tissue on a 3D bio-printer to recreate the beef.

Why You Could Be at Risk From Shellshock, a New Security Flaw in Linux

Possibly worse than the infamous “Heartbleed” flaw, the newly-discovered vulnerability in an application in Linux versions up to 4.3 is pretty widespread, although it has gone unnoticed for the past 22 years. It allows hackers to write to files they typically should not be able to access and modify various system information.

The Evolution of Internet Speak

Internet slang has become its own language. While its origin remains elusive, it owes much of its evolution to users on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Tumblr, where it has flourished.

Heads May Roll at Apple After iOS 8 Update Fail, Bendgate

After Apple’s much-trumpeted iPhone 6 and iOS 8 releases, consumers have reported problems with both the new “bending” phone and iOS freezes and crashes. Apple has since apologized and issued a fix to the operating system. But the “bendgate” story is far from over.

The Internet’s Hilarious Reaction to #Bendgate

If you missed the latest #bendgate hullabaloo over Apple’s newest iPhone 6 woes, users discovered that their new phones “bend” when exposed to pressure – meaning that you shouldn’t sit down with your phone in the back pocket of your pants or even carry it in the front pockets. The story has sent the Internet into a hilarious #bendgate frenzy.

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