Tech Sightings, November 6, 2014

Posted November 6th, 2014 at 2:00 pm (UTC-4)
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Microsoft Makes More Office Features Free on iPads

Microsoft announced today it is releasing Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps for the iPhone for the first time, and rolling out a test version of those apps for Android tablets. The Android apps are expected to be released fully early next year. The new strategy offers customers opportunities to use their services regardless of device or operating system.

‘Foodini’ Machine Lets You Print Edible Burgers, Pizza, Chocolate

A company called Natural Machines has introduced a 3-D printer for food. The “Foodini,” isn’t too different from a regular 3-D printer, but instead of printing with plastics, it deploys edible ingredients squeezed out of stainless steel capsules. It’s the only one of its kind, capable of printing a wide range of dishes, from sweet to savory.

‘WireLurker’ Malware Targeting iPhones and iPads Marks ‘New Era’ in iOS Attacks

New malicious software called  ‘WireLurker’ infects iPhones and iPads when the devices  connect via USB to a Mac computer that has an infected app already installed. It appears to be spreading through a third-party app store in China and consequently is largely confined to that country.

Facebook Looks to Raise Awareness, Money to Fight Ebola

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave $25 million to fight Ebola in Africa.  Now his company is rolling out three initiatives to raise awareness — and more money. Facebook is using its global reach to send an urgent message to its 1.3 billion users: Over the next week, a message will appear at the top of News Feeds giving people the option to donate to three nonprofits: International Medical Corps, the Red Cross and Save the Children.

Microsoft Pilots 3-D Audio Technology to Help Blind People Navigate

Microsoft is shepherding a pilot project to investigate the potential benefits of its 3-D audio technology for those with visual impairments. The device uses bone-conducting headphones and a mini network of beacons working in tandem with a smartphone to enable the user to ‘hear’ their way around an area.

Meet Voltage, The Japanese Choose-Your-Own-Romance App Maker

Voltage Inc., has dominated the mobile dating sim scene for years in parts of Asia and now the United States, boasting some 26 million users worldwide using its 60 (and counting) romance apps. Now, they say, they will fulfilling female fantasies by creating a choose-your-own-adventure romance stories played out on a smartphone.

 Feds Seize Silk Road 2 In Major Dark Web Drug Bust

A year after Silk Road 2 promised to revive the Dark Web drug trade following its predecessor’s seizure by the FBI, the sequel suffered the same fate. Today, international law enforcement agencies took down the site and arrested its alleged operator. The 26-year-old San Francsico man was charged with narcotics trafficking as well as conspiracy charges related to money laundering, computer hacking, and trafficking in fraudulent identification documents.

Awesome Glowing Roads That Could Be the Highways of the Future

Imagine a highway or a long stretch of road with no street lights. That’s the case on a road near Amsterdam, thanks to a pilot program, dubbed ‘the highway of the future’. Instead of street lights, cars follow stripes of glowing green paint that illuminate the edges of the road like an airfield landing strip at night.

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