Tech Sightings, November 11, 2014

Posted November 11th, 2014 at 2:00 pm (UTC-4)
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Canadian Researchers: China Hackers Target Rights Groups

Canadian technology research group, Citizen Lab, says Chinese hackers are targeting journalists and human rights activists with the same methods they use to steal data from state and corporate entities. The difference, according to the group, is that the new victims lack the tools and resources to protect themselves.

French Watchdog Claims 3D Technology ‘Harmful to Children’

According to the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety (ANSES), 3D technology could be harmful to the vision of children under six and its content should not be made available to them. The group also recommends not allowing children below the age of 13 to access 3D content.

Research Suggests Blasting Away Enemies in Video Games Boosts Brain’s Learning

Daphne Bavelier, a research professor in brain and cognitive sciences at New York’s University of Rochester, says in a new study that people who play games like “Call of Duty” have better vision and are better able to multitask, focus and retain information because the games help them learn and improve faster than non-players.

Pinterest’s Tracy Chou: How I Got My Start in Tech—Despite Myself

Chou, one of the most visible women in the tech community, is a noted software engineer and an outspoken critic of the lack of diversity in the tech industry. But she didn’t always want to be a software engineer. And her journey took a long, winding path before she finally found success.

Experts Say Apple iOS Bug Makes Devices Vulnerable

Cybersecurity firm FireEye says a bug in Apple’s iOS operating system exposes most of the company’s mobile devices to cyber attacks. In a report published Monday, FireEye said the bug lets hackers use a “Masque Attack” to persuade users to install malicious applications loaded with tainted text messages, emails and links.

Hit by Cyberattacks, Tibetan Monks Learn to Be Wary of Email Attachments

Tibet Action Institute, a digital security group, is banking on Buddhist creeds of detachment to help Tibetan activists protect themselves against electronic espionage. A study published Tuesday by Citizen Lab says activist groups like Tibet Action have been compromised by the same cyberspies, many of whom are based in China, who attacked multinational companies and Western governments.

How to Tighten Your Social Media Security

The fact is that the Internet is not a safe place; and it is naive to think otherwise. For social media users, most security risks come from scams and mistakes than can be avoided. Here are five steps to help do just that.

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