A Gates’ Look at the Future; Microsoft’s HoloLens; WhatsApp

Posted January 22nd, 2015 at 2:01 pm (UTC-4)
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Bill and Melinda Gates Bet Big on the Future

Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates and his wife Melinda paint a rosy future for the world’s poorest in their foundation’s 2015 annual letter. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s outlook foresees mobile banking transforming lives and software advances revolutionizing learning, among other things.

Gaming to Death: What Turns a Hobby Into a Health Hazard?

Recently, a gamer in Taiwan was found dead after gaming non-stop for three days and another before him died in Taipei after a five-day gaming spree. CNN takes a look at video game addiction, which, like any other form of addiction, can be harmful physically and psychologically. More about gaming addiction here.

Up close With Microsoft’s HoloLens

Tech giant Microsoft unveiled a surprising prototype hologram visor at its Windows 10 event Wednesday. The Visor, basically a mini computer, uses Augmented Reality to let users interact with games, Skype calls, and manipulate three dimensional objects in real time. Taking the prototype HoloLens for a test drive, The Verge staff walked on Mars, played Minecraft on a coffee table and layered troubleshooting instructions as they fixed a light switch.

Windows 10 and Its Long List of Features Will Be Free Upgrade — for Some

Microsoft’s Windows 10 will run on mobile gadgets as well as PCs and will be available as a free upgrade for many Windows users. While the move could cost the tech company as much as $500 million in revenue, it opens the door for more mobile app and services sales in the future.

New Twitter Catches You Up With Missed Tweets

While you were away is a new tweak that lets Twitter iOS users catch up on tweets that rolled in while they were away. The tweets are selected based on factors that include engagement rates. The feature is expected to be available for Android and the Web soon.

WhatsApp Launches on Desktop Computers

WhatsApp, the messaging app used by up to 700 million people worldwide, is now available for desktop computers. Android, Windows and BlackBerry smartphone owners will be able to use WhatsApp on their PCs using an Internet connection that links the computer to their mobile app.

Thousands of Minecraft Passwords Leaked Online

If you are one of the world’s 10 million registered Minecraft gamers, you might consider changing your password. A hacker has managed to get access to usernames and passwords for thousands of players. The numbers vary, but some claim up to 55,000 accounts were affected.

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