Zombies at Work; Selfie Sticks; Social Media Addiction; Stuxnet Returns

Posted March 12th, 2015 at 2:30 pm (UTC-4)
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Social Media Addiction: ‘Getting a Like over Having a Life’

A new report from training and consulting group VitalSmarts, entitled Society’s New Addiction: Getting a ‘Like’ over Having a Life, found that 91 percent of respondents polled reported seeing tourists letting precious moments get away from them amid their eagerness to share their experiences on social media. Worse, up to 80 percent said they have witnessed parents too eager to “capture the perfect post” miss out on special moments in their kids’ lives.

Education Apps Spreading Haphazardly Raise Privacy Concerns

Education technology start-ups flooding the market with new digital learning tools for teachers, often for free, have allowed educators to experiment with new ‘adaptive learning’ possibilities. But they have also left schools scrambling to track how much information those companies are collecting about the students and how it is being used.

Twitter Bans Revenge Porn in New Crackdown on Online Abuse

Twitter took yet another step toward discouraging online harassment and abuse by cracking down on revenge porn – intimate content uploaded without the permission of the featured person. The accounts of those who violate the new rules will be locked if they fail to remove the offensive material. Those who report the abuse have to prove that they have not granted permission to have the material publicly shared.

Facebook Will Face Class Action Suit Over Unrefunded Purchases By Children

A California federal district court judge has ruled that Facebook will have to defend itself in a class action lawsuit demanding that it refund purchases made by children without their parents’ permission. The 2012 lawsuit brought on behalf of two children and their parents claimed that Facebook’s refund policies violate California state law.

Windows PCs Vulnerable to Stuxnet Attack — Five Years After Patch

Remember Stuxnet? It was the distinguished computer virus that wreaked havoc on Iran’s nuclear systems in 2010. Now it’s back. HP recently disclosed that the Microsoft Stuxnet patch released in 2010 had a critical vulnerability that affects all Windows users by exploiting a weakness in .LNK files that define shortcuts and are allowed by Windows.

Run From Zombies at Work in New Fitness Platform

No, it’s not a joke.  It’s a new corporate wellness program that capitalizes on a zombie gaming fad to encourage employees to exercise more and lead healthier lives. The six-week challenge, called A Step Ahead: Zombies, has teams of up to 15 players trying to outrun advancing zombies to reach safe houses before becoming zombies themselves.

15 Places Around the World Where Selfie Sticks Are Not Welcome

If you are planning on taking that selfie stick with you on vacation, think again. A host of museums, art galleries, stadiums and music venues around the world have now moved to ban the use of selfie sticks to take smartphone photos.

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