Tim Cook’s Apple; Cryptoine Hacked; Android Woes; Facebook’s Transformation

Posted March 26th, 2015 at 2:00 pm (UTC-4)
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Today’s Tech Sightings:

Tech Giants Call for Mass Surveillance Reform

A slew of leading tech companies, including Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, Dropbox and others have banded together in a Reform Government Surveillance coalition to call on U.S. Congress to end government agencies’ bulk collection of communications data. The coalition has also attracted civil rights groups and trade associations equally interested in introducing greater transparency and accountability with regards to surveillance activities.

China Cracks Down on WeChat Naughty Content

Chinese folks who share porn content on WeChat are about to run into a new obstacle that’ll kick them out of the service forever if they rack up four violations. Chinese censors are now cracking down on naughty content being shared on WeChat, including photos, videos, and text that mentions “one-night stands, wife-swapping, sexual abuse and other harmful information,” as the country’s Cyberspace Administration put it.

Bitcoin Exchange Cryptoine Hacked

Here we go again. Tor-friendly cryptocurrency exchange, Cryptoine, which trades in Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin, has been hacked. Despite the website’s claim that it emphasizes anonymous trading, secure SSL connections and two-step verification, the hacker managed to spend up to seven hours draining Cryptoine’s coffers

Android Hijacking Bug May Let Attackers  Install Password Stealers

A newly-discovered Android bug affects nearly half of all Android mobile phones and allows hackers to install malicious apps that can steal users’ passwords and other sensitive data. Dubbed the “Android installer hijacking” vulnerability by researchers at Palo Alto Networks, the bug only affects apps downloaded from third-party app stores or when promotional apps are clicked

Software Testing Adds to Urgency in Race for Driverless Cars

German automakers looking to produce self-driving cars are beginning to realize the scope of the software nightmare associated with the project. Apart from limitations in German law that restrict testing on public roads, a bigger problem is that testing complex vehicle software will require more than 10 times the amount of software found in a fighter jet.

Apple’s Tim Cook Leads Differently

Taking over the leadership of Apple from its late iconic co-founder Steve Jobs is a tough act to follow. But CEO Tim Cook has steered the company successfully and profitably, changing its culture and finding his voice along the way.

Seven Big Changes Coming to Facebook

Facebook is transforming as we speak, adding new services and features designed to make it easier for people to communicate. Company executives just revealed a host of enhancements during their Wednesday developer conference.

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