YouTube Kids; Gaming for Charity, Logjam; @POTUS; Mobile Malware

Posted May 20th, 2015 at 2:09 pm (UTC-4)
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Today’s Tech Sightings:

YouTube, Google Under Fire for Adult Content in Kids App

U.S. consumer groups have updated a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission after finding adult-themed videos on the Google-owned YouTube Kids app for Android and iOS. Google was already criticized in April for allowing ads to mix with content geared for kids.

Help a Video Game Village and Aid Children in Real Life

Save the Children charity and developers at Good Game Productions are set to begin beta-testing a new game – Sustainaville – for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android in June. Sustainaville gamers take on the role of relief workers helping citizens with essential supplies and natural-disaster preparedness. All revenues from in-game purchasing will benefit charity.

Logjam Security Flaw Leaves HTTPS Websites, Mail Servers Vulnerable

A team of computer scientists discovered a flaw in cryptographic algorithms that leaves tens of thousands of HTTPS websites and mail servers vulnerable. Internet protocols use the popular Diffie-Hellman algorithm to agree on a shared encryption key and create a secure connection. Researchers said weaknesses in the algorithm facilitate Logjam, an attack that lets hackers downgrade connections, eavesdrop and modify transiting data.

Obama’s Twitter Account Breaks World Record

It’s official, so to speak. U.S. President Barack Obama’s Twitter account, which is barely two days old, has set a world record. @POTUS attracted 1 million followers in less than five hours, becoming the fastest ever to reach that milestone, according to Guinness World Records.

Huawei Stakes Claim in ‘Internet of Things’ With New OS

China’s Huawei Technologies, the world’s biggest telecommunications equipment maker, joined the “Internet of Things” market Wednesday with a new operating system designed to let household and business appliances communicate. The operating system, called LiteOS, is part of Huawei’s “Agile IoT” architecture – its first major push into this highly-contested market.

9 Programming Languages and the Women Who Created Them

Did you know the COBOL programming language was created by a woman? There’s more. Writer Phil Johnson takes a look at women’s contributions to software development over the years.

New Mobile Browser Automatically Blocks Ads

The German company that makes Adblock Plus, the world’s most downloaded browser extension, has come up with a new mobile browser that blocks ads automatically. The browser was released because smartphone browsers do not allow extensions. However, the company said the extension does not block all ads, making room to differentiate between annoying ads and non-intrusive advertising.

How to Prevent Mobile Malware in 3 Easy Steps

So far, malware has plagued computers more than it has mobile devices. But that is only part of the story. Writer Robert Lemos looks at the mobile malware playing field and offers some suggestions to help users protect themselves.

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