Online Abuse Dilemma; Windows 10; Apple Apps; Hammer of Thor PC

Posted June 2nd, 2015 at 2:31 pm (UTC-4)
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Today’s Tech Sightings:

The US Supreme Court Just Made the Web Even More Hostile for Women

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled this week that violent statements on social media websites and the Web in general are not enough to consider the perpetrator’s behavior threatening and that his state of mind at the time should be considered. The ruling will make it harder to prosecute people who make violent statements and hate speech on the Web that more often target women.

What Silicon Valley Can Learn From Seoul

Silicon Valley might be a world leader in innovation, but South Korean companies are building multifunctional mobile apps that are just as innovative and could point the way to the future if the country’s antiquated Web and mobile infrastructure were more up to date.

Faced With ban, Tech Giants Silent Over Russia Censorship Laws

Recently-ratified media laws in Russia require Facebook, Google, and Twitter to register with the government and store data in the country or face a ban. The three companies have made separate statements in support of free speech, but must now find a way to act upon it in a country that denies it.

Windows 10 Home Will Upgrade When It Wants to

Microsoft’s Windows 10 is coming July 29, with a host of new features. Meantime, Microsoft is adding a button to users’ system trays that will allow them to reserve their copy in advance.

Apple to Give Developers Tools to Speed Up Slow-Load Watch Apps

The Apple Watch, while popular, has been slow to pick up apps. In an effort to address the problem, Apple plans to offer new tools to developers interested in writing apps for the Watch during its annual conference in San Francisco next week.

Hammer of Thor Makes for a Mighty Fine PC Case

Suchao Prowphong, a Thai fisherman, came up with a plan to pay homage to the Thor movies he loves. So he created a decorated PC case that looks like Thor’s hammer and is, by all accounts, a work of art. Now his creation is on display at Taipei’s international Computex show in Taiwan. Will he continue being a fisherman?

Woman Who Dumped Rare Apple Computer Set for $100,000 Payday

There’s something to be said for honest folks. A Silicon Valley recycling facility, CleanBayArea, is trying to locate a woman who dumped some e-waste a month ago, including a rare Apple 1 computer. A private collector bought the old device for $200,000. Now the company wants to give the previous owner her cut – $100,000 in cool cash.

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