Oculus VR for Therapy; Cyberinsecurity; iCloud Bug; Foxconn Eyes India

Posted June 11th, 2015 at 3:16 pm (UTC-4)
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Today’s Tech Sightings:

Oculus Virtual Reality Headset Finds Medical Uses

Virtual Reality (VR) is great for gaming, but Jennifer Patterson, a University of Pittsburgh engineering student, used the Oculus prototype software to help treat soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. And she hopes her effort might show doctors and therapists the benefits of technology for their own patients.

Hack of US Federal Databases Far Deeper Than Publicly Acknowledged

The hacking of the U.S. government’s Office of Personnel Management (OPM) went undetected for nearly a year. Some of the compromised data includes forms for federal security clearances that typically have very detailed personal information. Authorities said they suspect the attack may have originated in China.

Severe iOS Bug Prompts iCloud Password Theft

A security researcher discovered a proof-of-concept flaw within Apple’s iOS mail client that allows hackers to replace the contents of an email with remote HTML tags and content. When the email is sent, a form pops up that looks like the iCloud credentials prompt box. Victims who open the email or fill the credentials information are at risk of handing over their passwords to the hackers.

Malware Hits Hotels Used for Iran Nuke Talks

Kaspersky Lab ZAO said an updated version of Duqu, an espionage malware linked to Israel, targeted the hotels that hosted negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program and was used to monitor closed-door talks. The researchers said the malware might have also allowed the eavesdroppers to steal some electronic files.

iPhone Maker Foxconn in Talks to Build India’s First Apple Plant

Indian government officials said Foxconn is in talks to manufacture Apple iPhones in the country. The move could lower smartphone prices and help Foxconn offset China’s wage inflation.

Google+ Isn’t Dead: It’s Just Gone to a Better Place

Google+ seems to work for some folks, but it has never gotten the mainstream traction it needed to thrive. Nevertheless, depending on your perspective, Google + could be a success as a niche social network for its fans, rather than a rival to Facebook.

Microsoft Will Retire Skype’s Modern Windows App on July 7

On July 7, Microsoft will update users of Skype’s modern Windows app to the desktop application. Microsoft is working to push apps optimized for mouse, keyboard and touch ahead of the July 29 launch of its latest operating system, Windows 10.

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