China’s Privacy Law; Gender on Facebook, Google; Mobile Addiction

Posted July 8th, 2015 at 3:32 pm (UTC-4)
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Today’s Tech Sightings:

China’s Draft Cybersecurity Law Could Boost Censorship

A draft cybersecurity law just published by China’s parliament boosts privacy protection from hackers and information peddlers, but strengthens government powers to obtain records and block information that might be deemed illegal under Chinese law. The move could have significant implications for Internet service providers and multinational companies in China.

Study: Women Less Likely to Be Shown Ads for High-Paid Jobs on Google

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon who built an automated testing rig called AdFisher found that Google is less likely to show female job seekers ads for highly paid jobs. The researchers, who pretended to be male and female job seekers, found that men were more likely than women to see advertisements encouraging them to seek coaching for high paying jobs.

Facebook Creates Men, Women as Equals

Facebook has redesigned some of its social media icons in what appears to be a move to promote gender equality. In previous designs of its Friends and Groups icons, female silhouettes appeared in the shadow of male silhouettes. The new Friends design puts men and women side by side. The Groups icon redesign moves the female icon to the forefront.

Microsoft Writes Off $7.6 Billion From Nokia Deal, Cuts 7,800 Jobs

Microsoft is slashing 7,800 jobs, mostly in its phone business, and writing off the $7.6 billion it incurred when it acquired Nokia’s phone business. The company recently warned that it would have to make to some tough choices as it restructures some of its departments.

Cybercriminals Use Flash Zero-Day Exploit From Hacking Team Breach

An Adobe Flash Player exploit discovered Tuesday in a dump of files stolen from the Hacking Team, an Italian firm that provides surveillance tools to governments and law enforcement agencies, has fallen into hackers’ hands. Adobe Systems said a patch will be released today.

Apple, Facebook,Twitter Hackers Identified

Symantec Internet security researchers have uncovered the identity of the hackers who exploited a Java zero-day flaw to target staff at Silicon Valley firms in 2013. The attacks by a group calling itself “Morpho” were not announced at the time, and forced a security lockdown at Apple, Facebook and Twitter.

How to Use Your Smartphone Less, Be Happier

Are you a smartphone addict? If the answer is yes, writer Chris Plante has 10 steps for you to help you kick the habit and lead a happier life.

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