Tech in Ghana; IoT Privacy; Mobile Churn; Lenovo

Posted August 12th, 2015 at 3:06 pm (UTC-4)
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Today’s Tech Sightings:

Simple Technology Offers Rural Ghana Communities Powerful Communications

In Suke, a remote village in northern Ghana, American entrepreneur Cliff Schmidt and local technologist Andy Bayor have found a way to help communities access services not provided locally. Equipped with Talking Book devices, villagers can access agricultural content, health and social messages for help and advice.

Tech, Retail Firms Propose Privacy Standards for Internet of Things

Following concerns over the sustainable security of always-connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices, the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) released an Internet of Things Trust Framework, which offers guidelines for IoT manufacturers, developers, and retailers to ensure the privacy and security of consumers using the devices.

Study: Faulty Mobile Devices, Transmissions, Poor Customer Care Prompt Major Churn

A new study from Blancco Technology Group, a global provider of mobile-device diagnostics and data-erasure solutions, found that a mix of faulty mobile devices and poor customer care can spur up to 31 percent of respondents to search for a new mobile provider. Up to 33 percent also say they would change to a new brand of mobile device.

Will We Ever Be Ready to Kill Off COBOL?

Believe it or not, 50 years later, COBOL still powers most of the world’s financial transactions and it still is going strong. The programming language, which first appeared in 1959, is used by up to 48 percent of businesses and government organizations. That compares to 41 percent who use JavaScript, 39 percent who use Java, and 26 percent who use C# programming languages.

Lenovo Used Hidden Windows Feature to Prevent Software Deletion

Some users of new Lenovo laptop recently discovered the company has been using a hidden Windows feature to automatically – and covertly – install its software, even when the hard drive is wiped clean. Users who reported this said Lenovo overwrote a system file on every boot, allowing it to download an installer to push its software, even if Windows was installed from a DVD.

Microsoft Launches Remote Desktop Beta for Mac

Microsoft’s redesigned Remote Desktop for Mac lets users access applications and data on other computers. The new version includes a updated design and easier account management.


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