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Posted September 2nd, 2015 at 3:56 pm (UTC-4)
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Today’s Tech Sightings:

Intel Readying Charging Without Wires for Laptops

Intel is looking to kill cabled charging with a new system to recharge laptops without a single wire in sight. The product is expected to launch sometime next year.

The Case That Has Microsoft, Apple and Amazon Agreeing for Once

Microsoft has lost two bouts in its fight with the U.S. Justice Department to deny law enforcement agencies access to emails stored on its servers in Ireland. Now, the company is preparing for an appeal. And for once, Apple, Cisco and more than a dozen companies filed briefs on behalf of Microsoft, arguing for privacy, due process and money.

Seven Technology Trends That Will Make or Break Many Careers

Writer Bernard Marr argues that some of the anticipated technology trends could overtake the unprepared, leaving them unable to catch up. But he argues that there are ways to tech-proof a career against some of the trends he lists.

Hundreds of ‘Black Hat’ English Wikipedia Accounts Blocked

English Wikipedia’s volunteer editors blocked 381 user accounts for engaging in paid advocacy on the site without revealing their affiliations. The practice violates Wikipedia’s terms of use. According to the editors, the decision, which followed a lengthy investigation, is part of their commitment to maintain Wikipedia’s accuracy, reliability and neutrality.

Report: Malware Targeting Android Smartphones On the Rise

A new report from German security firm G Data found that Google’s Android operating system is increasingly being targeted by malware and that some smartphones are already infected when bought. The report found that a new strain of Android malware could be identified every 14 seconds.

Researcher: Android’s Applock Riddled With Security Holes

SecuriTeam security blogger and Beyond Security chief technology officer Noam Rathus said the encryption service of Applock, a popular Android app downloaded more than 100 million times, is full of security vulnerabilities that could allow hackers to steal PIN codes or bypass them, among other things.

The Amazing Life of Stewart Butterfield

He sold Flickr to Yahoo for more than $20 million before moving on to start Slack, a startup many consider the fastest-growing business app ever. Writer Maya Kosoff looks at Stewart Butterfield’s journey to success.

Job Applicant Crafts 70-Pound Résumé for Game Designer Position

You probably have plenty of time on your hands if you are unemployed and hunting for a job. Internet citizen known as Mr. Deep Immersion, who was looking for a job as a Dungeons & Dragons game designer, decided to take job-seeking to a new level. So instead of sending in a regular résumé, he manufactured a faux-stone tablet that had to be broken with a hammer. The résumé and an explanation were included, along with a custom-made box to make the 70-pound package look authentic. And yes, he did land the job.

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