Facebook in Africa; Popemoji; More Apps, Less TV; Apple Stylus

Posted September 10th, 2015 at 3:40 pm (UTC-4)
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Today’s Tech Sightings:

Facebook Rakes in Users in Nigeria, Kenya; Eyes Rest of Africa

Twenty million users and counting now use Facebook in Nigeria and Kenya, according to the social network giant’s latest statistics. The majority of these users access their account on mobile devices. Facebook’s active African users, most of whom are in North Africa, grew 20 percent in June.

US Consumers Now Spend More Time in Apps Than Watching TV

A new report from Flurry found that, for the first time ever, the average U.S. consumer spends more time in mobile apps than watching television. The report also noted that while more time is being spent on apps, time spent watching TV has not changed or grown over the past year – an indication of the challenges that might be facing television and cable industries in days ahead.

Holy Emoji: Pope Francis Has His Own GIF Keyboard App

Released Thursday, Pop Francis’ Popemoji app features 52 pope-themed emojis, stickers and animated GIFs for the iOS and Android mobile platforms. The app can be used like any other third-party keyboard app.

More Than 11 million Ashley Madison Passwords Cracked

Hobbyist hackers have found programming errors that make millions of account passcodes on hacked intimacy website Ashley Madison much faster to crack. Researchers deciphered more than 11 million passwords in the past 10 days and plan to do the rest.

How Much Would It Cost to Build a Bionic You?

You’ll need heaps of money – for each part. Some body parts are more expensive than others. The good news is that these prices will probably drop – eventually.

Internet Reacts to Apple Pencil

With pomp and circumstance, Wednesday’s Apple event in San Francisco unveiled a slew of gadgets, revamped products, and a $99 Apple Pencil – an idea late co-founder Steve Jobs opposed. The event got mixed reviews, but the Apple Pen scored a hit with playful social media commenters.

Apple Didn’t ‘Blow It’ With the Stylus, It Did What Was Right

However, writer Owen Williams argues that Steve Jobs was opposed to styluses because “they were used as the primary way to interact with devices.” But Williams says Apple in 2015 has changed; and the announcement was intended to accommodate niche users who would benefit from using a stylus.

LA Philharmonic Hits Virtual Reality Road

Technology is giving Beethoven’s 5th Symphony new life, thanks to Virtual Reality. The Los Angeles Philharmonic orchestra will be touring around the United States with a virtual reality performance of the famous work.

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