E-Learning; Thailand’s Firewall; Apple’s Ghost; Killer Selfies

Posted September 22nd, 2015 at 8:30 pm (UTC-4)
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Today’s Tech Sightings:

Khan Academy Brings Free Learning to Android

The non-profit educational group, Khan Academy, is planning to release a dedicated Android app and a redesigned iPhone app for its online courses. The new apps include improved search and an offline learning mode, among other features that allow students to keep track of their progress and stay up-to-date.

Thailand Planning to Introduce Its Own Internet Firewall

China’s firewall is about to be cloned. According to Telecom Asia, Thailand’s military government has ordered its agencies and police to set up an Internet gateway to control web data coming into the country from overseas. That means all Internet traffic into the country will go through this single, controlled Internet gateway.

Your Identity is Worth $1 in the Dark Web

A new report from Trend Micro, called Understanding Data Breaches looks at the most targeted victims of cyberattacks, how they take place and what the stolen information is really worth in the hacker underground.

Apple Security Breach Bigger Than First Thought

Cybersecurity firm FireEye said the recent malware attack that hit Apple’s store now appears to be at a much larger scale than originally reported. The company said a fake version of Xcode, a developer tool widely downloaded in China, infected more than 4,000 apps, not 39 apps.

Apple Hack Exposes Flaws in Building Apps in China

The malware, called XcodeGhost, that hit Apple iOS apps and some leading Chinese tech products may have been helped by lax security at some Chinese firms and the Apple-developer support system. Up to this point, the Apple Store had escaped attack, but the incident could change the way the company works with Chinese developers.

Selfies Kill More People Than Shark Attacks This Year

Yes, the killer selfie is here. According to a new report, 12 people lost their lives this year while trying to take a picture of themselves. Sharks only claimed eight. The latest selfie incident saw a Japanese tourist fall down the stairs while trying to take a photo at India’s famous Taj Mahal.

Twitter Launching Redesigned ‘Follow’ and ‘Tweet’ Buttons Next Month

Twitter continues to tweak its services in a variety of ways. Its recent move, coming next month, is a redesign of its “Follow” and “Tweet” buttons. Twitter’s blue color will replace the current background for both buttons so that the letters are more visible.

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