Online Harassment; Apps for the Blind; Bitcoin; iOS 9.1

Posted October 22nd, 2015 at 12:02 pm (UTC-4)
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Today’s Tech Sightings:

Experts Address How Silicon Valley Can Solve Online Harassment

Despite all the wonders of the Internet, it remains a playground for abusers looking to silence minority voices. Wired talks to six experts about what Silicon Valley can do to help put an end to online harassment.

How One Woman is Using Instagram to Shame Online Pervs and Creeps

The dark side of social media sites like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook is that they attract Internet perverts. And having had a few encounters of her own, Mia Matsumiya went on the offensive with an Instagram account called Perv Magnet, which displays some of the offensive messages she had to put up with.

The New App That Serves as Eyes for the Blind

Scientists at IBM Research and Carnegie Mellon University working on accessibility solutions for the visually impaired have come up with a pilot app for Android and iOS that helps visually impaired navigate their way using voice commands or sound vibration.

Experts Now Say iPads Okay for Early Developing Children, With Guidance

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) now has a new position on the potential harm of smartphones and tablets for developing kids. Research done in May has induced the AAP to adopt a more permissive stance. Given the proliferation of digital devices, the AAP now says such tools can be useful, with parental participation, but should not be viewed as babysitters or reward or punishment.

EU Rules Bitcoin Is a Currency

The European Union’s Court of Justice ruled Thursday that for tax considerations, Bitcoin should be treated like currency, rather than a commodity. The ruling resolves a dispute over how Europe should approach Bitcoin and removes tax hurdles that would have faced the virtual currency had it been classified as a commodity.

Apple iOS 9.1 Release Admits to Serious Problems

Apple iPhone users may be moving quickly to the latest operating system, iOS 9, but by Apple’s admission, that release has serious problems. Writer Gordon Kelly lists bugs that have already been fixed.

Twitter Officially Opens Moments Publishing Tools to Everyone

Twitter’s Moments, a new feature intended to help publishers and developers group their tweets by subject or story to make it easier to find them, is now available to everyone. The service includes Publishers and Curator, which make it easier to search for tweets and customize them for publication.

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