Harassment Scrubs SXSW Panels; the Texting Generation

Posted October 27th, 2015 at 12:30 pm (UTC-4)
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Today’s Tech Sightings:

SXSW Cancels Panels on Gaming Harassment, Citing Threats

After receiving threats of violence, the South By Southwest Festival Monday canceled two panel discussions focusing on video games and harassment in the gaming community. The festival, scheduled for March 2016, was set to feature panelists who have been publicly vocal about the #Gamergate controversy, which morphed from a discussion of ethics in gaming journalism to all-out harassment of women game critics.

Young People Would Rather Text Than Speak

A new study from researcher and media sociology cultural analyst, Rune Vejby, found that more than 80 percent of young Americans aged 18-34 prefer text over voice communications to discuss personal issues. About 35 percent preferred to text rather than call in sick

Smartphones Could Be Used to Detect Pollution

New research by Australian and Chinese scientists points to a new method to track pollution levels. Cheap, personalized sensors would allow users to measure the levels of nitrogen dioxide that contribute to dangerous smog. The sensors, which are made of tin disulphide, absorb nitrogen dioxide gas molecules before measuring them.

Why Your Apple Pay and Samsung Fingerprints Aren’t As Secure As You Think

According to a report from British firm Juniper Research, Apple and Samsung support for biometric security will account for $130 million in transactions this year in the United States, Britain and South Korea. But the company argues that the transactions are not as secure as replaceable passwords because a fingerprint, once compromised, cannot be replaced.

The Vast Undersea Network That Makes the Internet Work

Forget the cloud. Much of the world’s Internet traffic goes through undersea fiber-optic cables that form the backbone of the digital world. But what happens if these lifelines get disconnected?

Siri Won’t Talk About Music Unless You subscribe to Apple Music

After a three-month trial, Apple Music users now have to choose either to subscribe or drop the streaming service. Those who have run into a tight-lipped Siri while attempting to make a music query are choosing to drop the service.

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