Dropbox Malware Found; Google Denies Deception in Tracking Kids

Posted December 3rd, 2015 at 11:55 am (UTC-4)
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Today’s Tech Sightings:

FILE - An analyst looks at malware code in Idaho Falls, Idaho. (Reuters)

FILE – An analyst looks at malware code in Idaho Falls, Idaho. (Reuters)

New Malware Found Hidden Inside Dropbox Account

Researchers at U.S.-based security firm FireEye have discovered a new malware in Hong Kong that hides its Command and Control server in Dropbox accounts. The hackers, called ‘admin@338,’ are thought to have ties to the Chinese government. The malware targets media organizations and creates a backdoor to their systems that renders them vulnerable.

Google Claims Innocence in Accusations That It Deceptively Collects Student Data

Writing in a blog post, the Director of Google Apps for Education, Jonathan Rochelle, denied claims that the company was deceptively tracking and storing student data. A digital advocacy group, the Electronic Frontiers Foundation, filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission Tuesday, claiming Google was using its educational services to track school children in violation of the Student Privacy Pledge, a binding agreement to only use student data for educational purposes.

South Korea Develops World’s First ‘Color 3D Hologram’

South Korea’s Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute announced the development of technology that creates a multi-colored 3-D hologram. The effort, undertaken in collaboration with 16 other businesses, including LG Display, renders a floating Rubik’s cube on a tabletop display that can be seen from any angle.

Amazon Wants Holograms in Your Living Room

Amazon has filed a new patent for technology that could turn your living room into an area for hologram-viewing without the usual headgear required for virtual reality experiences. The idea is to have a ceiling node track all movement in the area and then send the data to a projector. The projector would then use the information to create holograms that can be manipulated by hand.

Facebook Launches Instant Articles in Asia

Facebook’s Instant Articles feature has gone live in Asia for iPhone users and will be available on Android devices by the end of the year. The service allows up to 50 media partners to load content and interactive features faster within their news feeds.


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