3-D Printing Recreates Rembrandt; The Woman Behind Microsoft’s Tay

Posted April 6th, 2016 at 11:28 am (UTC-4)
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Today’s Tech Sightings:

Computer, 3-D Printer Create Perfect Rembrandt Painting

‘The Next Rembrandt’ – a collaboration between historians, software developers, scientists, engineers and analysts – has recreated the work of Dutch painter Rembrandt using a computer and a 3-D printer. The team spent months studying the master’s works in order to create an algorithm that would allow the computer to recreate his works as faithfully as possible. The information was then fed to a 3-D printer. The result, revealed in the Netherlands, was perfect.

The Woman Looking to Put More Humanity Into Microsoft’s Bots

Remember Tay, Microsoft’s teen artificial intelligence chatbot that was abused and taught all kinds of racist speech by Internet users? Well, Microsoft researcher Lili Cheng and her team, who have been working on Tay for months, have learned a lesson or two from the experience. Cheng says more thought needs to go into the way humans use chatbots and that a lot of experimentation is still needed.

How Mini-PCs and External Graphics Cards Could Herald Rise of the Modular Desktop

The modular PC – and modular cellphone – are a work in progress undertaken by quite a few of the big technology players. But that vision is yet to materialize. Now, two new developments – bare-bone machines and external graphics cards – could give the modular movement renewed momentum.


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