Android Malware Goes After Wi-Fi Routers; More Ransomware in 2017

Posted January 4th, 2017 at 1:26 pm (UTC-4)
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FILE - An illustration shows a 3D printed Android logo in front of code. (Reuters)

FILE – An illustration shows a 3D printed Android logo in front of code. (Reuters)

Android-infecting Trojan Malware Uses Your Phone to Attack Your Router

Kaspersky Lab researchers have uncovered a new Android Trojan malware. Dubbed “Switcher Trojan,” the malware can attack its victims’ wireless routers and render connected devices vulnerable to fraud. The virus tricks users to redirect Wi-Fi traffic from the networks users are on to the hackers and attempts to penetrate the router’s admin interface.

Ransomware Set to Increase in 2017

Ransomware has become a very profitable business and will probably continue to escalate this year. Intelligence Analyst Alan Liska expects ransomware attacks to target public systems like grocery stores, banks, digital billboards, or organizations running old or insecure Windows operating systems. Ransomware has also been evolving quickly, allowing criminals to find new ways to hold their victims’ computers hostage until they pay the ransom.

Top 10 Tech Predictions for 2017

The traditional tech landscape is changing to make room for re-imagined touch-based devices and cloud-based services. Writer Bob O’Donnell expects the old definitions that separated computer peripherals and controllers to give way as users increasingly gain the ability to use one device to control a variety of gadgets. He also sees technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence making headway in non-tech fields.


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One response to “Android Malware Goes After Wi-Fi Routers; More Ransomware in 2017”

  1. HP Australia Support says:

    Ransomware is the most damaging malicious software that not only affects a computer ot a laptop, but it affects an Android phone also. Now it is also infecting to a WiFi router and damages the routers also. It basically blocks all the parts of the system in which it enters and removes all the data from there.

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