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Ted Landphair

Washington, D.C, United States of America

My email: tedsamerica@voanews.com

My webpage: http://www.voanews.com/english/AmericanLife

For 22 years, I have been spinning stories about American people, places, culture, and history for the Voice of America, the nation’s international broadcaster. A onetime newspaper reporter, local radio news director, and college journalism instructor, I have reported in every U.S. state and written the texts for photographic books that feature the work of Carol M. Highsmith. She, I am pleased to report, is my talented and devoted wife of 20 years.

I love coots and characters, kittens and raccoons, small-town historical museums, autumn smells, rain on tin roofs, long drives with light traffic and no toll booths, muffuletta sandwiches, yard sales, broiled catfish, oldies from the ’60s, baseball on the radio, James Lee Burke Louisiana detective novels, an occasional cigar over a winning poker hand, and, of course, Carol and my four grown children.

While I don’t dislike much, I’m not fond of calamari, opera, television commercials, self-centered athletes, misplacing, like, the word “like” in, like, conversation, and people who abuse rank or authority. On my travels, I collect beer bottles (1,600, all domestic, so far). And I collect ideas, some of which, I hope, you will give me.

Ted Landphair


This is a far-ranging exploration of American life by a veteran Voice of America “Americana” reporter and essayist.

Ted writes about the thousands of places he has visited and written about as a broadcaster and book author. Ted Landphair’s America often showcases the work of his wife and traveling companion, renowned American photographer Carol M. Highsmith.

Ted welcomes feedback, questions, and ideas. View Ted’s profile. Watch a video about Ted and Carol by VOA’s Nico Colombant.

Photos by Carol M. Highsmith


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