The Latest Theory is that the Creator of Bitcoin Is a Blogger

Despite the massive attention bitcoin has received this year, no one knows the true identity of its creator.

Apple Awarded Patent on Wireless Charging

The wireless charging patent includes the ability to power up desktops, as well as mobile devices.

Bitcoin Rises as South Korea’s Cyber Dough

Paris Baguette store becomes the first physical shop in South Korea to recognize Bitcoin as a form of payment, allowing its customers to buy its goods using the virtual currency.

Technology, Rules Keep Amazon Drone Delivery in Hangar, for Now Inc Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos’ bold vision of delivering goods to millions of customers by using a fleet of unmanned drones is not likely to become a reality this decade.

5 Tech Innovations that Could Change the Developing World

Across the developing world, new technologies are helping to distribute resources for education, connectivity and health far and wide. Innovators are finding ways to make technology cheaper and therefore accessible to millions previously excluded by high costs.

Hydrobee Charges Your Gadgets with Water

There is something interesting doing rounds at Kickstarter, something which will be a dream come true as far as trekkers and travelers are concerned.

‘Web’: What it Means for the Whole World to Get Online

The new documentary ‘Web’ takes a close-up look at the One Laptop One Child program, contrasting the nascent online presence in rural Peru with established Western tech entrepreneurs and thought leaders. The film grapples with the nature of connected life and the cost of online actualization.

Coin: Stepping Stone or the Next Wave of Mobile Commerce?

An all-in-one device for credit and debit cards sounds both antiquated and too-good-to-be-true all at the same time. So which is it?

South Africa: SA-Developed ‘Smart Glove’ to Help Lepers

Innovative technology to help leprosy patients that was developed partly at the University of Cape Town is currently being tested in India.

Facebook Is Trailing Social Messaging Apps Globally

There is a race underway to be the global leader in over-the-top social messaging, and one of the latest surveys suggests Facebook, while still dominant in the U.S., is falling behind the upstart mobile players in the rest of the world.

Microtransactions, Subscriptions Will Define Next-generation of Games, says Avalanche boss

“Micro-transactions, subscriptions, and other biz models will be the next generation of games. It is that simple,” Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios founder and creative director Christofer Sundberg said.

Bill Gates & President Bill Clinton: Technology and the Value of Connectivity – Exclusive Interview

From medical vaccines to financial services to educational resources, connectivity is key. Bill Gates and President Bill Clinton explain the positive impact of being plugged in on a global scale.

Charting the Future of the Mobile Games Space

Gamasutra asks a few notable mobile game developers to let loose and make educated guesses about the future of the mobile game space.

4 World-Changing Products Dreamed Up by Bill Gates

Bill Gates has tons of ideas for products that would improve lives in the developing world, if only someone would build them. WIRED asked four premier product design firms to turn some of his notions into full-blown prototypes.

The Grand Vision for a Homegrown Silicon Valley in One of Joburg’s Most Notorious Neighborhoods

An ambitious new technology precinct for high-tech business incubation is planned for the heart of Africa’s most prosperous city.