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Iran’s Trial of Washington Post Reporter

Posted May 26th, 2015 at 1:41 pm (UTC-4)
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New Statement from Martin Baron Ahead of Jason Rezaian’s Trial in Iran

Martin Baron – The Washington Post

Jason was arrested without charges. He was imprisoned in Iran’s worst prison. He was placed in isolation for many months and denied medical care he needed. His case was assigned to a judge internationally notorious for human rights violations. He could not select the lawyer of his choosing. He was given only an hour and a half to meet with a lawyer approved by the court.

No evidence has ever been produced by prosecutors or the court to support these absurd charges … Iran is making a statement about its values in its disgraceful treatment of our colleague, and it can only horrify the world community.

The Iranian Trial of a Washington Post Reporter Is About the Nuclear Deal, Not Justice

Joshua Keating – Slate

Rezaian’s trial is most likely a ploy by political hardliners in Iran to undermine President Hassan Rouhani and his efforts to improve relations with western governments, particularly the nuclear deal currently under negotiation …

In trying to scuttle the nuclear deal, Tehran’s hardliners are in a tacit alliance with their counterparts in Washington. A number of GOP senators have called for the release of Americans being held in Iran to be a condition of any final deal. (In addition to Rezaian, a number of other Americans are also being held …)

The White House has repeatedly spoken out about Rezaian’s case and demanded his release but has resisted linking the two issues.

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