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Trump & Clinton: It’s on, to November

Posted June 22nd, 2016 at 3:11 pm (UTC-4)
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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks in New York, Wednesday, June 22, 2016. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks in New York, Wednesday, June 22, 2016. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

“Hillary Clinton may be the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency.”

“Trump would throw us back into recession.”

Those quotes from the presumptive presidential nominees came 24 hours apart in dueling speeches.

As the fact-checkers busily scour the words from Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for accuracy, the political pundits are parsing their words to determine which way the winds blow.

The polls show Clinton with her widest lead since mid-May while the latest campaign financial filings show Trump well behind in the fund-raising race.

And it’s only June.

Trumponomics Gets Scarier When You Actually Study It

Paula Dwyer – Bloomberg View

What happens when you ask some politically neutral economists to look at the U.S. economy under a President Trump? You get something titled “Macroeconomic Consequences of Mr. Trump’s Economic Policies.” Laid side-by-side with Clinton’s partisan assessment, it’s even scarier.

In year one of a Trump presidency, for example, the study predicts that gross domestic product would rise by 3.7 percent and employers would add 4 million jobs to bring the unemployment rate down to 3.5 percent. But like a sugar high, the initial boom would swing quickly to bust, and a long, deep recession would hit.

Hillary Clinton’s Amazing, Almost Comical Economic Speech

Steve Moore – FOX News

There was something almost comical about Hillary’s lecturing us about fiscal responsibility, economic fairness, and lifting the middle class. ‎Wait. Wasn’t she part of the Obama administration which also promised all these things? And haven’t those policies given us the weakest recovery ever since the great depression, a massive increase in income inequality, a shrinkage of the middle class, and a near doubling of the national debt to $19 trillion….

Hillary slammed Trump for not understanding the new economy and job creation, which is also a bold claim since Donald Trump is a highly successful businessman who actually has created thousands of jobs, while Hillary has gotten rich off of… politics.

Hillary’s attacks on Trump were a subterfuge to deflect attention from the most remarkable part of her rant. What was billed as a “major economic speech” was entirely bereft of new ideas. In fact, it was vacant of ANY ideas at all about how to help the economy.  The left’s idea cupboard is entirely empty.

Donald Trump’s Political Suicide Mission

Mike Murphy – The Washington Post

So as the Trump campaign moves into full meltdown, Republicans are seeing a presumptive nominee on a mission of political suicide. Nobody in the party wants a nominee with the Secret Service code name “Certain Train-wreck.” The question is: Can anything be done about it? The answer is yes. If Trump rolls into the convention broke and with a terrible deficit in the polls, the delegates may indeed act. Under convention rules, they have the power to do so. GOP conventions are party affairs empowered to pick the best candidate to win the general election. If Trump’s incompetence doesn’t change, he may well get fired in Cleveland.

The Immaturity of Supporting Hillary Clinton Because She Is a Woman

Dennis Prager – National Review

Offering Hillary Clinton to one’s daughter as a model to aspire to — given the former secretary of state’s long history of lying; her mockery of all the women who accused her husband of sexual harassment, assault, and even rape; and her recent history of selling the power of her office to enrich herself and her husband — is telling one’s daughter that gender trumps decency. As such, it speaks volumes about how insignificant character is to Clinton supporters.

In addition, putting aside the amorality and immaturity of gender solidarity, having a female president will be as useless to women as having a black president was to blacks….

Our society doesn’t lack women (or men) who wish to be president nearly as much as it lacks women (and men) who want to be mothers and wives (or fathers and husbands).

Hillary Clinton, Longtime Christian

Peter Beinart – The Atlantic

Donald Trump’s ignorance makes him challenging to cover. It’s sometimes hard to know whether his falsehoods are the product of willful deceit or mere lack of information.

Take his statement on Tuesday to evangelical leaders that “we don’t know anything about Hillary in terms of religion. Now, she’s been in the public eye for years and years, and yet there’s no—there’s nothing out there. There’s like nothing out there.”

Nothing out there? Biographies and magazine profiles have been stressing Clinton’s religiosity for decades….

Clinton’s religiosity has made her both politically progressive and somewhat culturally conservative, especially on issues of sexuality and marriage.

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