October 31, 2012

Posted October 31st, 2012 at 2:36 pm (UTC-4)
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New Jersey Hurricane Sandy

1With limited functioning transportation options people wait for ferry tickets in Hoboken, New Jersey. Hurricane Sandy which made landfall along the New Jersey shore, has left parts of the state and the surrounding area flooded and without power. (AFP)

Brazil Protest

2An Indian, along with fellow members from various tribes of Brazil and accompanied by students, demonstrates in support of the Guarani-Kaiowa Indians at the Esplanade of Ministries in Brasilia. According to local media, a court ruling, which ordered the eviction of Guarani-Kaiowa Indians from the southern part of the Mato Grosso do Sul, has been suspended. (Reuters)

Mideast Israel Palestinians

3An Ethiopian Orthodox Christian woman prays at Deir El Sultan in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, in Jerusalem’s Old City. (AP)

China Stunt

4Riders perform stunt jumps on their motorcycles above musicians playing Chinese traditional instruments during the opening ceremony of a forum in Linfen, Shanxi province, October 30, 2012. (Reuters)

Philippines All Saints Day

5Informal settlers with homes built on top of multi-level tombs go about their daily business as relatives spruce up the tombs of their loved ones at a public cemetery in Navotas north of Manila, Philippines, in preparation for observance of All Saints’ Day. (AP)

US Hurricane Sandy

6A tree is uprooted by Hurricane Sandy in the old town of Alexandria, near the nations’ capital Washington, D.C, October 30, 2012. The storm knocked down several old trees, taking power lines with them. (Zulima Palacio/VOA)

Russia Protest

7A photographer takes pictures of Interior Ministry police during a protest rally to defend Article 31 of the Russian constitution, which guarantees the right of assembly, in St. Petersburg. (Reuters)

Cuba Weather

8People walk as waves crash on the ‘El Malecon’ seafront boulevard, which is closed to traffic due to rough seas, in Havana, Cuba, October 30, 2012. (Reuters)

Kosovo US EU

9Kosovo’s President Atifete Jahjaga (C) shakes hands with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (L) and EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton prior to a meeting at the Presidency in Pristina, Kosovo. (Reuters)

Britain Indonesia

10Guardsmen are instructed into position before a ceremonial welcome for Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on Horse Guards Parade, London. (AP)

France Chocolate Fair

11French TV host Cecile Belin presents a dress made of chocolate in Paris, during a fashion show for the inauguration of Paris international chocolate fair. (AFP)

Tanzania Zebras

12Zebras get a welcome drink during the dry season in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania, September 26, 2012. (Photo: Deborah Tate/USA)

Kitty Coffee

13Coffee with a kitty face (@ashangel22 sent via Instagram)

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  1. Bill Stenwick says:

    Love those two photos of the Ethiopian praying and the Malecon in Havana. The light is very special in both of them.


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