13 Dhjetor, 2011

E Martë, 13 Dhjetor 2011
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"Japan Weather Winter"

Pedestrians stroll under yellow ginkgo trees in Tokyo, Japan. Local residents came out to admire some 150 ginkgo trees displaying their yellow colors along the tree-lined street at a warm winter day. (AFP)

"India Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi"

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, left, and Congress party President Sonia Gandhi attend a function to mark the tenth anniversary of the parliament attack in New Delhi. (AP)

"China School Bus Crash"

Villagers ride their electric tricycles to pick up their children outside a primary school in Shouxian town, Jiangsu province. At least 15 children from the school were killed when their school bus crashed in China's eastern province of Jiangsu, state media said. (Reuters)

"South Korea Anti-China Protest"

Plainclothes police officers try to stop a protester from tearing a Chinese flag with his teeth during an anti-China protest near the Chinese embassy in Seoul. A South Korean coastguard was stabbed to death by a Chinese fisherman on December 12, 2011, in an operation to apprehend a Chinese vessel operating illegally near South Korean waters, a South Korean official said. (Reuters)

"Pakistan Chained Addicts"

A Pakistani child weeps after being rescued by police during a raid at an Islamic seminary on the outskirts of Karachi. Pakistani police discovered drug addicts held in chains at an Islamic seminary that offered rehabilitation services, and said that young children were also sometimes shackled at the institution. (AP)

"Italy Financial Crisis"

People stroll in Rome's Via Condotti shopping street. Fears of default have led to elevated yields on bonds issued by Italy, the latest focus of the crisis. (AP)

"Honduras Jurnalists Murder Protest"

A Honduran soldier -member of the presidential guard - clashes with demonstrators protesting against the murder of journalists in Tegucigalpa. In the past two years, and under the government of Porfirio Lobo, 17 journalists have been killed in Honduras. (AFP)

"Mideast Soccer"

Bahrain's Fahad Hardan celebrates after scoring the first goal for his team during their soccer match against Iraq at the Arab Games in Doha, Qatar. (Reuters)

"Mount Rainier Sunrise"

Mount Rainer, a 14,411-foot stratovolcano, is seen at dawn during a colorful sunrise from Seattle, Washington, some 50 miles away. (AP)

"Britain Lighthouse"

Waves from the English Channel break over the light beacon and seawall at Newhaven in East Sussex in southern England. (Reuters)

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