28 Gusht 2012

E Martë, 28 Gusht 2012
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Albania Fire

An Albanian boy uses a branch in an effort to put out a blaze raging near the city of Memaliaj. Albania has battled multiple forest fires since June after several heat waves and months of drought. (AFP)

Germany Syria

Partially reflected in a glass shelf, journalists cover a news conference of members of Syrian opposition groups presenting the program  ‘The Day After: Supporting a Democratic Transition in Syria’, in Berlin, Germany. (AP)

Mars Rover

A chapter of the layered geological history of Mars is laid bare in this postcard from NASA’s Curiosity rover. The image shows the base of Mount Sharp, the rover’s eventual science destination. This image is a portion of a larger image taken by Curiosity’s 100-millimeter Mast Camera on Aug. 23, 2012. (NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS)

Isaac Louisiana

Many residents leave the New Orleans area in anticipation of tropical storm Isaac, which is expected to make landfall on the Louisiana coast as a hurricane in Kenner, Louisiana. (AP)

Singapore Arts Slava Snowshow

A clown performs during a media preview of ‘Slava’s Snowshow’ at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. The show was created by renowned Russian clown Slava Polunin in 1993. (AP)

South Korea Asia Typhoon

A Chinese fisherman is rescued by South Korean coast guard officers, unseen, from a Chinese ship in Jeju, South Korea. A powerful typhoon pounded South Korea with strong winds and heavy rain. (AP)

London Heathrow Airport

A Gulf Air jet arrives over the top of houses to land at Heathrow Airport in west London. Britain’s transport minister said she would probably resign if the government gave in to pressure to expand London’s Heathrow airport. (Reuters)

Afghanistan Violence

Afghan locals gather at the site of a bomb blast in Kandahar province. The chief of police in Kandahar province survived the insurgent truck-bomb attack that killed four civilians, a spokeswoman for NATO-led forces and Afghan officials. (Reuters)

US Republican Convention

Republican vice presidential candidate, Rep. Paul Ryan, center, R-Wis., works on the speech he will deliver at the Republican National Convention, with senior adviser Dan Senor, left, and senior aid Conor Sweeney during the campaign charter flight from Wisconsin to Tampa, Florida. (AP)

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