America might be a melting pot of people from different countries and cultures, but evidence of that diversity is not easily apparent in all 50 U.S. states.

California is the most diverse state overall, according to WalletHub, while West Virginia is the least diverse.

In coming up with its list, the online personal financial website did not just look at ethnicity, it also considered factors such as socio-economics, religion, and politics.


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Source: WalletHub


When you break the study down, Hawaii has the most ethnic and cultural diversity, followed by California.  On the opposite end of the spectrum is Maine, followed by Vermont.  Cultural diversity is three times higher in Hawaii than it is in Maine, the report finds.

Language diversity is highest in California and lowest in West Virginia, while religious diversity is highest in North Dakota and lowest in Maine.  When it comes to where its residents were born, Nevada ranks highest in birthplace diversity, three times higher Louisiana, the state with the lowest birthplace diversity.

By 2044, whites will no longer be the ethnic majority in the United States, according to predictions from the U.S. Census Bureau, as the country becomes increasingly diverse.