Rap Star 50 Cent: Visit to Somali Refugee Camp Was Devastating

Posted February 9th, 2012 at 8:35 pm (UTC-5)
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American rap star Curtis Jackson, known to fans as 50 Cent, calls the sights he saw in a refugee camp in Somalia “devastating.”

The United Nations World Food Program recently hosted Jackson on a tour of Somalia and Kenya so he could see the fight against hunger in the Horn of Africa.

Jacobson spoke Thursday about a visit to the Kabasa camp in southern Somalia's Dolow region, where thousands have sought refuge from war and drought. Jackson said women and children risked everything just to get food.

He also visited a school in a Nairobi slum, saying meeting the kids was inspiring. He said they have nothing but are still positive and optimistic.

Jackson is urging everyone to join him to help feed children in need. He pledged last year to provide one-billion meals and said he will donate 10 cents from every sale from his new energy drink called Street King to the World Food Program.

Ten cents is the typical cost of food in a WFP meal.