August 25, 2011

Posted August 25th, 2011 at 1:57 pm (UTC-4)

"Bahamas Tropical Weather"

A man walks along the waterfront as Hurricane Irene passes to the east of Nassau on New Providence Island in the Bahamas. Irene, a Category 3 hurricane, pounds the Bahamas. (AP)

"Hurricane Irene"

Even though the center of Hurricane Irene is more than 230 miles away, clouds associated with extreme outer bands from the tropical cyclone swirl above Biscayne Bay in Miami. (AP)

"Somalia Malnourished Child"

An internally displaced malnourished child receives treatment inside a paediatric ward at the Banadir hospital in Somalia's capital Mogadishu. The African Union holds a much delayed summit to raise money to ease the Horn of Africa's famine. (Reuters)

"Nepal Guinness Record"

Nepal's Ambika Niraula blows a fireball in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record of the most consecutive fireballs blown by mouth without re-fuelling in Katmandu, Nepal. (AP)

"Little League World Series Baseball Game"

Mexico's Alvaro Valdez (L) of Mexicali is tagged out at home by Venezuela's catcher Carlos Narvaez of Maracay during the seventh inning of their Little League World Series baseball game in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, US. (Reuters)

"South Korea Athletics World"

A young woman eats her lunch beneath giant pictures of athletes in the media center following an Adidas press conference in Daegu, South Korea two days before the start of the World Athletics Championships. (AFP)

"Britain London Zoo"

An Emperor Tamarin (Saguinus imperator) pokes his tongue out as he sits on a set of weighing scales at London Zoo in London. The zoo is carrying out its annual check on over 750 species, recording weights and heights. (AP)

"Turks and Caicos Islands Feather Duster"



2 responses to “August 25, 2011”

  1. always5 says:

    I like the 2nd and the last pics. how beautiful and powerful the nature is
    We should try our best to preserve this treasure

  2. Shannon says:

    When the massive wave of energy that NASA has filmed being ejected from the black hole in the centre of our galaxy hits us, have your cameras ready!! Before it hits Earth next year, it will cause huge solar flares, so that should create some good shots as well. See Andre Panov’s site for more info. if you want.

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