September 6, 2011

Posted September 6th, 2011 at 1:34 pm (UTC-4)
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"Texas Wildfires"

Smoke from a wildfire hangs in the sky, in Bastrop, Texas, USA. Officials hope that calmer winds will help firefighters battling a wildfire that has destroyed nearly 500 homes in Central Texas and forced thousands of residents to evacuate to shelters to avoid the blaze. (AP)

"Japan Storm"

Rescue workers search for missing people among the debris in Gojo, Nara Prefecture, Japan. The death toll from tropical depression Talas has risen to 25 with 52 missing, the government said, as torrential rain pounded the western part of the country on the weekend, triggering mudslides and bursting river banks. (Reuters/Kyodo)

"Sudan Blue Nile State Conflict"

Internally-displaced citizens return to their homes after the army took control of the area at Al-Damazin town in Blue Nile State, Sudan. Fighting erupted last week in Blue Nile state in Sudan between the Sudanese army and fighters allied to Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM), the dominant force in newly independent South Sudan. (Reuters)

"Libya Rebel"

 An anti-Gadhafi fighter sleeps at the last checkpoint before the town of Bani Walid, currently held by pro-Gadhafi forces, in southeast Tripoli, Libya. (Reuters)

"Italy Financial Crisis"

Demonstrators gather in front of the Gothic cathedral in Milan, Italy. A strike by the country's largest labor union against austerity measures has shut down air, land and sea transport and curtailed other public services throughout the country. (AP)

"Ukraine Parliament"

Ukraine's President Viktor Yanukovich delivers his speech after opposition deputies unfolded a placard of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko in the chamber during the opening session of the parliament in Kyiv. (Reuters)

"Australia Hostage"

Police officers rescue a girl who was held hostage by a man next to the Parramata court building near Sydney, Australia. (Reuters)

"Pakistan Daily Life"

Pakistani girls, who collect recyclable material for their living, walk at a roadside in Rawalpindi. (AP)

"China Daily Life"

A garbage collector rests at the entrance of a building where the air-conditioned cool air is blowing in Shanghai, China. (AP)

"Singapore Giant Toroises"

Two Aldabra giant tortoises fight for a carrot during feeding time at the Singapore Zoo. The Aldabra giant tortoise, from the islands of the Aldabra Atoll in the Seychelles, are the second largest species of tortoises on Earth and can weigh more than five times the weight of an average human being, according to the Singapore Zoo. (Reuters)

"India Hindu Goddess"

A clay idol of the Hindu goddess Durga lies on the ground for drying at a workshop in Kolkata, India. The idols will be used during the Durga Puja festival from October 2-6, which is the biggest religious event for Bengali Hindus. (Reuters)

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