Tech Sightings, September 2, 2014

Posted September 2nd, 2014 at 2:21 pm (UTC-4)
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The Cult of Xiaomi Seeks World Domination

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi grabbed14% share of the smartphone market in the second quarter of this year, after outselling even Apple. And the events the company hosts to encourage and reward its fans are creating something of a rock concert feel that might make Xiaomi’s advance in the smartphone market hard to stop.

New Chips Could Heal Soldiers Without Surgery

The U.S. military’s research program ElectRx has come up with tiny chips – the size of nerve endings – that can be injected in soldiers’ bodies to modulate nerve circuits and treat anything from wounds to arthritis.

North Korean Tactics in Cyberwarfare Exposed

A report from Hewlett-Packard researchers says North Korea’s cyberwarefare abilities are improving as the country trains a new generation of experts. HP says the country seems committed to improving its cyberwarfare capabilities.

Nearly 1K Developers Sign Letter to End Intolerance in the Games Community

Games are supposed to be a diversion, played for fun. But recently, more and more stories have emerged of game developers being harassed or threatened for one reason or another. Now, more than 600 games developers and publishers have signed an open letter to end hateful speech and harassment within the games community.

NATO’s Cyber Battle Rules Raise More Questions Than Answers

A new NATO policy equates cyber attacks with attacks that use conventional weapons such as tanks and guns, making them a trigger for collective defensive action as stated in the alliance’s Article 5, which considers an attack against one member state, an attack against all.

No One Tweets Like the Japanese, and That Was a Huge Problem for Twitter

By all accounts, the Japanese tweet like no one else on earth, in unison and at predictable hours. That pattern of behavior nearly crashed Twitter in 2012, say the social media’s Director of Site Reliability Engineering, Mazdak Hashemi.

Aida Akl
Aida Akl is a journalist working on VOA's English Webdesk. She has written on a wide range of topics, although her more recent contributions have focused on technology. She has covered both domestic and international events since the mid-1980s as a VOA reporter and international broadcaster.

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