Thailand’s Firewall; the Next Big Thing; Android; Steve Jobs

Posted October 8th, 2015 at 3:38 pm (UTC-4)
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Today’s Tech Sightings:

Thai Military’s Plan for ‘Great Firewall’ Risks Internet Competition

Free speech advocates and former officials say the proposal by Thailand’s military government to create a single, controlled Internet gateway would kill competition and be seen as the latest effort to smother freedom of expression and dissent.

Android Creator Thinks the Next Big Thing Isn’t in Mobile

“The Father of Android,” Andy Rubin, thinks that mobile will not dominate in the next 10 or 20 years as Artificial Intelligence becomes the next computing platform. He believes that people will start thinking about doing things without a screen as they interact more with various smart devices.

Android Malware Hammers Phones With Unwanted Ads

Researchers from security firm FireEye have detected a malicious malware called Kemoge that appears like a legitimate third party app but actually bombards Android devices with unwanted ads. The researchers said the malware, which has infected smartphones in more than 20 countries, could have been written by Chinese developers or is being controlled by Chinese hackers.

Samsung: Customer Payment Data Not Affected by Hack Attack

LoopPay, a company Samsung acquired earlier this year to power its electronic payments system, was hacked Thursday. Samsung said the attack was an isolated incident and sought to assure its customers that their data is safe. LoopPay was the target of a previous hack attack in March.

Windows 10 Continuum Will Forever Change Smartphones – or Whatever We’ll Call Them

Writer Daniel Bean argues that Microsoft is now in a position to lead with next-generation handsets and that its vision for a ubiquitous, across-all-devices user experience is not too far down the road. He says this is possible because of the “Windows 10 Continuum,” which turns new Lumia smartphones running Windows 10 into full-functioning, mobile computers

Steve Jobs and Tech’s God Complex

Writer Jason Tanz takes on the latest biopic about the late Apple founder, Steve Jobs, an iconic name in technology. But he says the movie sees Jobs’ tech creations not as divine inspirations but “as physical manifestations of the neuroses and pathologies” of an all-too-human creator.

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