“Tears of Joy” face is the most popular emoji in the U.S., according to Apple.


Americans love emojis, and now Apple has revealed the most popular on its many platforms.

And the winner is: the “Tears of Joy” emoji–by a lot!

Source: Apple

While ostensibly an emoji about finding something so funny, it makes people cry, the face has also become a sign of mockery. For example, it is often used on Twitter to comment on what someone perceives as a dumb statement.

The emoji has constantly been reported as one of the most popular by Emojipedia, which tracks new emojis and emoji popularity. “Tears of Joy” appears differently depending on the platform. You can see many of the variants here.

The word that “Tears of Joy” was the most popular was published in Apple’s rather dry “Differential Privacy” report, which outlines how the company gathers data about its users while respecting privacy.

The red heart emoji was second most popular, followed by “loudly crying.” The regular old smiling face, perhaps the emoji that started it all, was a distant eighth place.

Apple did not provide data to go along with its list of most popular emojis.

The word emoji was 2015’s word of the year, according to the Oxford English Dictionary.