3-D Printing; VR; Fighting Cancer With Games; Apple vs. Tattoos

Posted April 29th, 2015 at 2:36 pm (UTC-4)
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Today’s Tech Sightings:

Your Next Hand Brace Could Be 3-D Printed

Two firms – MHOX and CRP Group – have come up with an additive manufacturing process that allows them to 3-D-print flexible, waterproof material that can be used to create custom-made rehabilitation devices.

How Virtual Reality is Being Used to Tackle Prejudice

Prejudice runs through everyday life – from employers who won’t hire a disabled person to a policeman who tickets an ethnic driver just because he can. Now, a collective called Be Another Lab is using virtual reality to help people get in the shoes of the other person to better understand his, or her perspective.

Lebanon’s Wixel Studios Shift From Drama to Fighting Kids’ Cancer

Beirut-based Wixel Studios, which focused in the past on games with political and global warming themes, is now working on a new project named Aurora. Their latest effort is a charitable platform for mobile games designed to help kids fight cancer.

Flights Grounded After Pilots’ iPad App Crashes

American Airlines grounded dozens of its flights after the iPad app pilots use to access all flight manuals and plans crashed. The manuals used to be available to the cockpit in print in the past. An American Airlines spokesman said the problem was related to the cellular data connection. Lesson? Always back up crucial data.

Google Launches Security Feature for Chrome Web Browser

Chrome users can now download a free web browser extension that offers Google accounts better protection against online hackers. The extension, called Password Alert, warns users if they enter account information on “phishing” or bogus sites set up to steal personal data.

Facebook Exec Blasts Growing Wave of European Privacy Investigations

Facebook’s chief policy official in Europe, Richard Allan, said the European Union’s expanding privacy probes are bad for jobs and innovations, as well as the companies under investigation. In recent months, several European countries launched their own investigations into Facebook privacy policies. Writing in an opinion piece in the Financial Times, Allen warned that this approach can only harm European economies and job opportunities.

Tattoos May Stop Apple Watch From Working

If you are one of those individuals boasting an array of colorful tattoos on your skin, the odds are the Apple Watch is not for you. Apple blog iMore confirmed reports that Apple watch sensors don’t work well with wrist or arm sleeve tattoos.

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