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"Libya Conflict Anniversary"

Libyans look at the newly installed memorial statue of the sign for victory in the Friday Market neighborhood in Tripoli on the first anniversary of the revolt that toppled slain leader Moammar Gadhafi. (AFP)

"Romania Weather"

An elderly man exits through a window in a tunnel under his snow covered house in Scutelnici village, 90 km northeast of Bucharest as icy weather continues across Romania. (Reuters)

"India Economy"

A child of a farmer stands in a nursery plot for cabbages in New Delhi. India's inflation slowed to its lowest level in more than two years in January as food prices fell, which will increase the pressure on the central bank to cut rates to battle the country's economic slowdown. (Reuters)

"Turkmenistan Politics"

Turkmenistan's President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov (C) is inaugurated for a second term in the capital Ashgabat. (AFP)

"Burma Politics"

A girl waits for the arrival of Burma's democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi in Pyar Pon, Irrawaddy delta region in the Irrawaddy division. (AFP)

"Oman Cycling"

Riders cycle during the fourth stage of the third Tour of Oman cycling race, a distance of 142.5 km from Nafa region in Wilayat Bidbid to Al-Wadi Al-Kabir in Wilayat Matrah. (AFP)

"US Obama"

A protester sits in a tree with an American flag during a demonstration outside the Nob Hill Masonic Center where US President Barack Obama was holding a fundraiser in San Francisco, California, February 16, 2012. (AFP)

16 Shkurt 2012

E Enjte, 16 Shkurt 2012

"Spain ARCO Art"

"Somalia Unrest"

Displaced Somalis flee the Afgoye corridor after African Union peace keeping forces advanced on suspected Al-Shebab bases, south of Mogadishu, Somalia. (AFP)

"Yemen Children"

Children fill containers with drinking water in the Old City of Sana'a, Yemen. (Reuters)

"Hong Kong Photographers"

News photographers hoisted up by cranes view the home of former Hong Kong Chief Secretary Henry Tang, a potential candidate for the upcoming Chief Executive election, in Hong Kong. Inspectors from the Buildings Department are to examine unauthorized building work in the basement of the Kowloon Tong property owned by Tang's wife. (Reuters)


A riot policeman fires tear gas toward anti-government demonstrators in Musalla, Bahrain, on the edge of the capital of Manama. Security remained tight in Manama and Shi'ite villages, with clashes between anti-government protesters and riot police in several areas. (AP)

"Israel Asylum Seekers"

African refugees share breakfast at a shelter in Tel Aviv, Israel. Some 50,000 Africans have entered Israel in recent years, fleeing conflict and poverty in search of safety and opportunity in the relatively prosperous Jewish state. (AP)

"Germany Ski Jumping World Cup"

Judges wait in their boxes at the men Large Hill individual ski jumping World Cup in Klingenthal, Germany. Due to heavy winds Thursday's competition was canceled. (AP)

"South Africa Sport"

A paddler negotiates white water during the first day of the Dusi Canoe Marathon in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. More than 1700 competitors take part in the annual 120 km (75 miles) race which begins in Pietermaritzburg and ends in Durban. (Reuters)

"Kazakhstan Nature"

Horses graze in a wintry steppe near the Chinese border in southeastern Kazakhstan. (Reuters)

"New York Fashion Week"

A model presents a creation from the Milly by Michelle Smith Fall/Winter 2012 collection during New York Fashion Week. (Reuters)

"Ukraine Pigeons"

Pigeons fly above cars and people on a street in Kyiv, Ukraine. (Reuters)

"France Lemon Festival"

A worker puts the final touch at a castle made from lemons and oranges during the lemon festival in Menton, southern France. (Reuters)

"Switzerland Carnival"

People dressed for carnival at the start of the Luzern-Carnival in Lucerne, Switzerland, in the early morning hours. The history of Lucerne's carnival can be traced back over more than 600 years and is best known for its individually hand-crafted masks and costumes paraded in the town's streets and squares by thousands of revellers during the three-day carnival festival. (Reuters)

"Spain Carnival"

Contestant Guacimara Alfonso performs on stage during the annual carnival queen election gala at Santa Cruz de Tenerife, on the Spanish Canary Island of Tenerife. (Reuters)


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E Mërkurë, 15 Shkurt 2012
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"Kuwait Politics Cabinet"

Kuwaiti MP Mohammad al-Saqer (C) speaks during the opening session of the new parliamentary term in Kuwait City. Kuwait formed a new cabinet with 10 fresh faces but the government, which included no women, immediately came under fire from opposition MPs who hold a majority in parliament. (AFP)

"Honduras Prison Fire"

A woman grieves outside a prison where a fire broke out inside in Comayagua, 90 miles (140 kilometers) north of the capital, Tegucigalpa, Honduras. At least 300 inmates were killed and 21 are injured, according to authorities. (AP)

"India Elections"

An elderly Indian woman carries her election identification card as she stands in a queue to cast her vote outside a polling station in Varanasi. (AP)

"Sri Lanka Protest"

Members of the Sri Lanka's People's Liberation Front brave police water cannons during a protest in Colombo. A wave of protests have swept across the country after the government increased fuel prices. (AP)

"North Korea Synchronized Swimming"

North Korean women perform in a mass synchronized swimming show in Pyongyang to celebrate the birthday of the late leader Kim Jong Il, who would have turned 70 on Feb. 16, 2012. (AP)

"South Korea Nuclear Security Summit"

A South Korean policeman breaks stone plates with his head during a police security demonstration for a successful Nuclear Security Summit against terrorism in Seoul. The summit will be held in Seoul from March 26 to 27. (AP)

"Senegal Protest"

A man carries an injured woman during anti-government protests in Senegal's capital Dakar. Senegal riot police used teargas, truncheons, and a water cannon to disperse hundreds of people in the capital protesting at President Abdoulaye Wade's decision to seek a third term in office. (Reuters)

"Philippines Whitney Houston"

A Filipino fan writes a message on a tribute wall for the late American singer-actress Whitney Houston that is displayed inside a mall in Manila. (Reuters)

"Germany Six Little Pigs"

French bulldog named Baby, left, attends the feeding of wild boar piglets at the Lehnitz animal sanctuary outside Berlin, Germany. Six little pigs have found a new friend in the maternal French bulldog. (AP)

"Austria Ballet"

Dancers of the State Opera Ballet perform during a dress rehearsal for the traditional Opera Ball in Vienna, Austria. (Reuters)

"Germany Bizarre Ice"

Bizarre ice formations hang on trees at the Unteres Odertal national park near Schwedt, northeastern Germany. After a weeks-long cold spell, temperatures started to rise again. (AFP)

"Oldest Supernova"
"US Dog Show"

Malachy, a Pekingese, competes for best in show at the 136th annual Westminster Kennel Club dog show in New York, February 14, 2012. Malachy went on to win the title. (AP)

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"India Valentine's Day"

Students make a formation in the shape of a heart and a red ribbon during a HIV/AIDS awareness campaign on Valentine's Day in the northern Indian city of Chandigarh. (Reuters)

"China EU"

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso during a joint press conference with EU President Herman Van Rompuy and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao (not in picture) after they attending the China-EU meeting at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China. (AP)

"Libya Anniversary"

Members of the new Libyan military force under the ruling National Transitional Council parade along a main street in the capital Tripoli to mark the one year anniversary of the start of the uprising. (AFP)

"Nepal Hindu Holy Man"

A Hindu holy man, or sadhu, sits near the fire to dry the ashes smeared on his body at his ashram in Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal. Hindu holy men from Nepal and India come to this temple to take part in the Shivaratri festival which falls on February 20. (Reuters)

"Syria Fighting"

Civilians flee from fighting after Syrian army tanks enter the northwestern city of Idlib. (AP)

"Germany Carnival Iran"

A character representing Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad splits the UN headquarters building with an atomic bomb, on a float during final preparations for the Rose Monday carnival parade in Cologne, Germany. (AP)

"Kosovo Cold Weather"
"Thailand Explosion"

A Thai Explosive Ordnance Disposal official examines a backpack that was left on the bomb site by a suspect bomber in Bangkok, Thailand. (AP)


A soldier of the African Union Mission in Somalia takes his position during fighting between Islamists and government forces in southern Mogadishu. (Reuters)

"Switzerland City Space"

A woman leaves the St. Peter and Paul church in the snow covered central Swiss village of Andermatt. (Reuters)

"Germany Staricase"

A staircase looking like a snail in Munich's 'Haus der Bayrischen Wirtschaft' building, Germany. (Reuters)

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Maldives Politics

Zahir Ziyad, 3, looks back during an Arabic language lesson in a Quran class in Male, Maldives. The Maldives' new president expanded his Cabinet on Sunday to include religious conservatives who have been demanding the introduction of strict Islamic laws on the Indian Ocean nation. (AP)


Romania Winter Weather

A woman walks past a snow-covered car during heavy snowfall in Bucharest, as icy weather continues across Europe. Romania's counties of Buzau, Galati, and Vrancea have been hit by heavy blizzards with an estimated 60,000 people being left stranded by the severe winter weather. (Reuters)


Valentine's Day Buttons

Artist Harwinder Singh Gill displays a creation, made from about 600 buttons into the shape of two hearts, to celebrate Valentine's Day in the northern city of Amritsar, India. (Reuters)


Nepal Communist Rally


French Miners Trial

French miners attend a trial against the Swiss firm Eternit's Italian plant in Turin. An Italian court on Monday sentenced a Swiss tycoon and a Belgian baron to 16 years in jail for negligence that led to more than 2,000 asbestos-related deaths in the biggest trial of its kind. (Reuters)


Fashion Jenny Packham Fall 2012

Models on the runway show off the Jenny Packham Fall 2012 collection during Fashion Week in New York. (AP)


Valentine's Kiss Russia

Couples kiss during a flash mob organized by a local television station on the eve of Valentine's Day in the southern Russian city of Stavropol. (Reuters)


Roses Vienna Austria

Red roses are pictured in a flower shop the day before Valentine's Day in Vienna, Austria. (Reuters)

Westminster Dog Show

Handler Dixie Rae shows Cardigan Welsh Corgi Myste Baledwr Free to Disagree during the 136th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York's Madison Square Garden. (Reuters)

10 Shkurt 2012

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"France Nice Carnival"

"Romania Europe Weather"

Romanians work to dig out their homes buried under heavy snow, near Calarasi, Romania. (AP)

"India Kashmir Islam"

Kashmiri Muslims watch as an unseen cleric shows a relic believed to be a hair from the beard of the Prophet Mohammad at the Hazratbal Shrine in Srinagar, India,  on the last Friday of Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi - the birthday of Prophet Mohammad. (AFP)

"Belgium Firefighters Financial Crisis"

A firefighter, left, points his finger at a police officer during a demonstration in front of the prime minister's office in Brussels, Belgium. Firefighters demonstrated against recent austerity measures proposed by the government. (AP)

"China Canada"

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper delivers his speech in Guangzhou, China. Prime Minister Harper has lauded stronger relations with China after Canadian businesses signed nearly $3 billion worth of deals with Chinese enterprises. (AP)

"Russia Fish Firm"

Employees work at a fish farm, with the air temperature at about minus 22 degrees Celsius (minus 7.6 degrees Fahrenheit), near the Nazarovo electric power plant, some 200 km (124 miles) west of Russia's Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk. The lake, which doesn't freeze in winter because of the a power station nearby, allows employees to breed fish all year long. (Reuters)

"UAE Golf"

Marcel Siem of Germany follows his shot during the second round of the Dubai Desert Classic golf tournament at the Emirates Golf Club in Dubai, UAE. (AFP)

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Supporters of anti-US Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr wave Iraqi flags during a rally in Baghdad. (Reuters)

"Mideast Syria"

A Syrian tank is seen in Idlib. Syrian forces fired mortars and rockets that killed scores of people in the rebellious city of Homs, activists said. (AP)

"Italy Volcano Eruption"

Lava flows during an eruption of Mt. Etna volcano, near Catania, Sicily, Italy. (AP)

"US First Lady"
"Germany Seals"

A young gray seal appears in partly frozen water at a breeding station for seals in Friedrichskoog, northern Germany. (AFP)

"Philippines Hot Air Balloon Festival"

Participants prepare to inflate hot air balloons to kick off the four-day 17th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon festival at sunrise at Clark Economic Zone, Pampanga province in northern Philippines. (AP)

"Qatar Cycling Race"

Cyclists compete in the 5th stage of the Tour of Qatar cycling race between the Camel Race Track to the corniche of Al-Khor, north of Doha, Qatar. (AFP)

"Germany Igloo Village"

Guests of an igloo lodge siton a bench near the Nebelhorn mountain in Oberstdorf, southern Germany. A village of ten igloos hosts up to 30 guests in the winter months and supplies them with warm blankets and sleeping bags, so that they can spend the night there. (AP)


7 Shkurt, 2012

E Martë, 07 Shkurt 2012

"Greece Finance Strike"

Protesters clash with riot police in front of the parliament during a 24-hours general strike in Athens. A general strike gripped Greece in protest against new austerity measures. (AFP)

"Pakistan Whale Shark"

Residents gather as a whale shark is pulled from the water by cranes after it was found dead at Karachi's fish harbor, Pakistan. (Reuters)

"Bulgaria Shredded Banknotes"

Banknotes shredded and compressed into heating fuel are distributed at the Foundation to Help Autism in Miskolc, eastern Hungary. Hungary is the only country to recycle its worn cash for fuel each year, a total of some $1 billion worth of forints. The bricks are then sent to a few charities, covering up to a third of their annual heating fuel supplies. (Reuters)

"Maldives Politics"

Maldives soldiers, left, clash with police officers in Male. President Mohamed Nasheed presented his resignation in a nationally televised address after police joined the protesters and then clashed with soldiers in the streets. (AP)

"Brazil Campus Party"

A participant sits outside his tent at the camping area of the Campus Party event in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Campus Party is an annual week-long, 24-hour technology festival that gathers around 7000 hackers, developers, gamers and computer geeks from around the world. (Reuters)

"Burma Suu Kyi"

Supporters wave National League for Democracy flags as Aung San Suu Kyi, leader of major opposition the National League for Democracy (NLD) party, gives a speech in a stadium at Pathein, the capital of rice bowl Ayeyawady Division, about 176 kilometres (110 miles) west of Rangoon, Burma. (Reuters)

"Philippines Earthquake"

Soldiers ride their motorcycles on the road destroyed by an earthquake in La Libertad, Negros Oriental in central Philippines. (Reuters)

"Obama White House Science Fair"

US President Barack Obama reacts as Joey Hudy of Phoenix, Arizona, launches a marshmallow from his Extreme Marshmallow Cannon in the State Dining Room of the White House during the second White House Science Fair in Washington. (Reuters)

"Croatia Europe Weather"

Ice-covered lampposts in the Adriatic coastal town of Senj, Croatia. Europeans across the continent have been battling more than a week of extreme weather, with thousands still trapped by snow in remote, mountain villages in the Balkans. (AP)

"Malaysia Thaipusam"

A Hindu devotee gets his cheek pierced with a metal rod during the Thaipusam festival at Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (AP)

"Germany Topshots"

An airplane drawing a contrail seems to divide the full moon in two halves in the sky over Frankfurt/M., western Germany, February 6, 2012. (AFP)


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Hundreds of Yemeni air force officers and soldiers chant slogans during a protest in the capital Sanaa demanding the ouster of top bosses over accusations of corruption. (AFP)


A masked Egyptian protester is seen during clashes with riot police near the interior ministry in the capital Cairo. (AFP)

France Fest

Giant figures of Britain's Prince William and his wife, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (L) are seen during preparations for the carnival parade in Nice, France. (Reuters)


Gunners from 105 Regiment Royal Artillery fire a twenty-one gun salute in honor of Britain's Queen Elizabeth at Mills Mount Battery at Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. (Reuters)


Riders cycle during the second stage of the Challenge Mallorca cycling tour near the village of Sa Rapita on the Spanish Balearic island of Mallorca. (Reuters)


A monument is covered with snow in Kiev after heavy snowfalls in Ukraine. (AFP)

Germany Dog

A dog has ice on its face in Berlin, Germany as a deadly cold snap that has gripped Europe for more than a week wrought more havoc across the continent. (AFP)


A crow flies in the sky with a trace from a jet in the background at the sunset above St.Petersburg, Russia. (AP)

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Protesters try to scale an apartment building to put out a fire that began when a tear gas canister was thrown into the building during clashes between police and protesters, near the Interior Ministry in Cairo, Egypt. (Reuters)


Dr. Fauzia Siddiqui, sister of U.S.-trained Pakistani scientist Aafia Siddiqui, who was convicted in September 2010 of trying to kill U.S. agents and military officers in Afghanistan, addresses protesters to condemn her sister's continued detention, Karachi, Pakistan. (AP)


An Indian disaster response worker and others gather around derailed cars of a passenger train following an accident at Sathi Sarapa village near Gauhati. (AP)


A Bahraini anti-government protester carries the national flag as she walks by a wall at the end of a rally and march that drew tens of thousands to Manama. (AP)

US Super Bowl

The Vince Lombardi Trophy is shown between New England Patriots and New York Giants helmets at the head coaches press conference before the Super Bowl XLVI NFL football game in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Reuters)

England ice

Small frozen air bubbles are trapped in the surface of a frozen lake after the temperature dropped to below freezing overnight at Hebburn, northeastern England. (AP)


A Belarussian pensioner cleans ice from a window at her house in the village of Kamenets, north of Minsk. (Reuters)


A polar bear enjoys the fresh snow in the zoo in Berlin, Germany. (AP)




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