Burgers Beat Grilled Chicken in US Battle of Sandwiches

Posted February 2nd, 2015 at 3:35 pm (UTC-4)

(Photo by Benedikt Koehler via Flickr)

(Photo by Benedikt Koehler via Flickr)

Burgers enjoyed a boom in 2014 with Americans ordering 9 billion of them, a 3 percent hike over 2013 and the first increase in five years.

A hamburger is a sandwich that consists of a round patty of ground beef–which is either fried or grilled–served on a bun or a roll. Hamburgers are often garnished with various condiments including cheese, lettuce, onions, ketchup and mustard.

The burger’s main competition when it comes to sandwiches is grilled chicken, which had a bad year; servings of chicken sandwiches fell 9 percent to 1.3 billion.

On average, every man, woman and child in the United States ordered a burger in a restaurant about every two weeks in 2014, according to The NPD Group.

“The success of burgers in 2014 was a combination of factors,” said Kim McLynn of NPD in an email. “Quick service restaurant chains launched new burger items, casual dining restaurants added more burger items to the menu to offset higher beef costs, and Americans simply love their burgers.”

Most of those burgers were sold at fast food places like McDonald’s. Fifty-one percent of orders at quick service hamburger restaurants in 2014 included a burger.  

Despite the demand for burgers, Americans are still more likely to order some other kind of sandwich at a restaurant, according to NPD. The sandwich category, which includes subs and other hot and cold sandwiches, totaled 12.4 billion servings.

However, the NPD figures don’t include all the hamburgers Americans grill at home.

According to the beef industry, the average American eats three hamburgers a week, for a national total of nearly 50 billion burgers per year.

5 responses to “Burgers Beat Grilled Chicken in US Battle of Sandwiches”

  1. Don says:

    “According to the beef industry, the average American eats three hamburgers a week”. Sheesh, I haven’t had a burger in years, nor has my wife, nor have most people we know. Someone out there is cloning Fat Albert!!!

  2. Mark says:

    Not all burgers are round….Wendy’s burger patties are square. And given a choice, I would take a chicken sandwich over a greasy burger any day….

  3. Pablo says:

    Oh Yaaa! a nice patty of beef square or round or hey make mine a dodecahedron and put some cheese on it of course and some bacon and some lettuce and tomato – and grill it medium rare
    you can never get it the way it should be at McDonald’s or Wendy’s or Burger King or where-ever (Wataburger) so I highly recomend cooking your own – I mean I can cook a better burger here in the office than anything I can get at one of those franchise burger places
    Know what I mean?

  4. Aazgaroth says:

    This does not reflect the views and opinions of all Americans. Even if we are the fattest country, we don’t eat 3 burgers a week! Geez. Most of us don’t eat fried and omg the vegans and vegetarians! I bet we have more of those than most countries too! The rest of the world already considers Americans to be gluttons, don’t hang us, for crying out loud. Some of us are just fat because we’re lazy. Not because we eat poorly 🙂

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