Not quite two months after binging on Halloween candy, Americans will once again indulge in sweets over the Christmas holidays.

According to the National Confectioners Association, Americans will spend $1.93 billion on candy over the holidays, an increase of approximately 2 percent from last year.

The types of candy Americans buy vary from state to state. Bulk candy seller breaks down the favorites in each state. Hover your cursor over each state for more information.


The website says 1.76 billion candy canes and 150 million chocolate Santas will be produced for the holiday season.

Some of the states’ favorite holiday candies are also included in’s top 10 “worst Christmas candies.” Click the links to see a picture of each.

1. Christmas tree nougat
2. Reindeer corn
3. Peeps
4. Peppermint bark
5. Chocolate-covered cherry cordials
6. Lifesaver story books
7. White peppermint M&Ms
8. Non-peppermint candy canes
9. Ribbon candy
10. Old-fashioned hard candy mix