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Is China’s Cyber-Censorhip a Model for Others?

Posted June 8th, 2010 at 1:54 pm (UTC-4)
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China has announced its Internet policy, releasing an official “white paper,” which both hails the space the Web creates for citizen voices and reaffirms Beijing’s commitment to the “Great Firewall” of censorship. VOA’s Kate Woodsome spoke with Geordie Guy, the vice-chair of the Internet freedom group Electronic Frontiers Australia, about how other governments are taking […]

The Growing Dangers of Blogging

Posted April 27th, 2010 at 1:27 pm (UTC-4)
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Media advocacy groups say the Internet is becoming the new battleground for press freedom as authoritarian governments around the world crack down on growing expressions of dissent on the web. From China to Iran, bloggers have provided voices of dissent in places where few, if any, were heard before. But a group of U.S. congressmen […]

Democracy Advocates and Digital Challenges

Posted April 23rd, 2010 at 1:31 pm (UTC-4)
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The power of digital devices, such as mobile phones equipped with cameras, was seen in protests that followed the disputed Iranian election in June, 2009. Postings on such websites as Facebook and Twitter brought thousands to the streets, and digital images from Tehran fueled sympathetic protests around the world. A recent conference in Dallas looked […]

Enemies of the Internet

Posted April 6th, 2010 at 1:25 pm (UTC-4)
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The Internet…we’ve been jumping on and off the information super-highway now for almost 20 years. But is every lane of this cyber-roadway open to all? No – in a number of countries, access to and use of the Internet is heavily restricted. And in many more, the ‘net isn’t as free as you might think.  […]

Breaking Down The “Virtual Berlin Wall”

Posted March 18th, 2010 at 1:22 pm (UTC-4)
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The U.S. government is making free speech in cyber space a key part of American foreign policy in a fresh bid to reach out to Internet users around the world. Experts say the push not only highlights the growing influence of the Internet and its power to pressure even the most tightly controlled governments, but […]

What’s Digital Frontiers?

What’s Digital Frontiers?

The Internet, mobile phones, tablet computers and other digital devices are transforming our lives in fundamental and often unpredictable ways. “Digital Frontiers” investigates how real world concepts like privacy, identity, security and freedom are evolving in the virtual world.

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